Monday, March 27, 2017

So this is what I comment about PTPTN.

Recently there are a lot of news about the PTPTN borrowers blacklisted from travelling or leaving the country because of no paying back their PTPTN debts/ not paying at all. For your information, over 1.5 million borrowers who failed to repay their PTPTN loan & have been listed in CCRIS too.

Okay , this is what my comment and opinion about all these shits. First of all, I did not help any parties to express opinion. I am one of the PTPTN borrowers too, I applied for a total RM42k for my degree holder 8 years ago. I am not growing up in a wealthy family which can afford my study fees that cost me more than 40 thousand; But I am really appreciated that I got this PTPTN loan for my 3 years degrees. And this is what I came for, I  got my degree certificate and started my working journey until now. Although the Uni cert is not the compulsory for applying job, or ensure your bright future; because working experience still important in the real life. But at least a cert is the ticket for your entry into the working journey.

When you borrowed money from others, you need to pay back lah ! Why you want to blame on others, or sharing through social medias on how worst your life is when you 're stuck at the airport or immigration just because of "KENA BLACKLIST BECAUSE OF NOT PAYING BACK PTPTN". You should know the consequences of not paying back the PTPTN debt which already informed by the government many times. This is not en excuse, but you're taking the advantages.  You rather to spend the money on your luxury stuffs or travel but you're not willing to pay a 100/200 monthly for your PTPTN debt.

This is what the consequences of not paying back your PTPTN.

1) SAY GOODBYE to your lovely vacation or your HONEYMOON .
- So, probably you will cry and scold at the airport like a crazy women or man , and started to google the PTPTN contact number, and call the officer to "complain"about your situation. OR write a long long story about how bad your feeling of can't enjoy your vacation in your FB. Sorry, nobody will feel sympathy on you. Please refer to this HOTLINE number 03-2080 4455 if you are one of them to search for the contact number.

2) Affected your house loan / car loan apply.
- seriously please think for your future, especially for MAN. Okaylah, some of the women maybe didn't plan to buy a house or invest a property in the future (because they wanted to marry a rich guy or fully rely on their partner, then the husband sure "die liao lo" ). If you have a bad record on your PTPTN , it will appeared blacklist and bad record on your CCRIS  record, so when you plan to buy a house or invest a property, you will get into a very hard situation whereby BANK WILL NOT APPROVE YOUR HOUSE LOAN & same goes to when you wish to buy a car in the future.

3) Affected the next generation
- I still remember 8 years ago when I was still a student who want to apply my PTPTN loan, and went through all the process to get my PTPTN approved with only 1% interest . As what we knew,  you will easily get approval 10 years ago.  BUT NOW it is very hard for the student who wish to apply the PTPTN loan.  Imagine your sibling, your sisters / brothers or maybe your children who so need the PTPTN for their study but PTPTN hardly approve, and with high interest too in the future.

4) You need to worry and keep checking your blacklist record at Malaysian immigration website everytime before your vacation.
- don't you think this was very annoying. and how come every month pay back a RM100/200 like cost you a thousand ringgit per month? make your life easier and happier without all this troubles.

I don't think is a serious and troublesome matter to plan properly on your PTPTN payback plan. As you can pay the fees by monthly installment , Usually you will receive  an official letter from PTPTN officer about your installment plan, with the amount fees that you need to pay by monthly.   You can actually go to the PTPTN office/ branch to restructure your monthly installment plan based on your capability. The officer are very welcome you, and help you mah !

As what I mentioned just now . I am a PTPTN borrowers too, as one of the "victim". I actually received my first warning letter last two years of not repay consistency every month. I actually so scared "kena blacklisted" that time, and also worried that it will affected my vacation plan every year too. To get rids of all this troubles, I choose to restructure my installment plan based on my capability, and repay consistency every month.  The officers are very lovely to help you during the process. You can choose either one PTPTN branches nearby you, but I still prefer to go to their HQ,

if you still need more information about the PTPTN, kindly log on to their website.

If you need to search for the nearest PTPTN branches please refer the website as below, the website stated clearly with all the branches address, and officer's contact number. Call for appointment first before you visited them.

So please do the right thing, for your own good , for your future and for the next generation.



RAVE MING said...

Well said !

In my most humble apology but somehow Malaysians lacks the character / standard of responsibility / humbleness and ethnicity lately as time passes on.

Sad to see how it grow even more as social network begins flourishing ......We lack in its standard in a big way comparing to other countries such as Japan.

This is a good post / wake up call to those who are already going though the PTPTN loan issue. If you take someone's money, be sure to give them back. Simple moral principle.


Sharon said...

YEs ! exactly,thank for the comment

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