Friday, November 18, 2016

Shopping Haul at Eve and Boy Bangkok Part2 + GIVEWAY

哎呀, 真是对不起了。 Part 2 的 Eve and Boy GIVEAWAY 分享篇竟然延迟到今天才Po上来。真是不好意思。

so sorry for the delay again!supposedly to upload this part 2 Eve and Boy giveway post by last week. But currently was so busy for my work, and I just back from my business trip in Hong Kong.

距上一篇的文章有和大家介绍关于了 Eve and Boy, 和我在 Eve and Boy 所购买到的产品分享等等。 当然 有许多的彩妆产品要赠送给大家。 

Based on my previous blog post shared about my shopping experience and also shopping haul at Eve and Boy Bangkok. I received a lot messages about how excited they are to visit this store in Bangkok ! So for those who haven't watch my Vlog, kindly click on the below Youtube video. Other than than, don't forget my previous blog post about Eve and Boy Bangkok too
Blog Post :

和大家回顾我的分享片段。 可以观看以下Youtube Video.


当然好东西就是要推荐大家, 回馈给所有亲爱的读者,今天PART 2 的有奖游戏超级无敌的丰富。
I love to share my favorite product or brand to my readers! and you won't miss out this great chance to win the Eve and Boy cosmetic product. This part 2 giveway! I am going to give 2 sets of Eve and Boy cosmetic product which contains 4 colors of blusher, and 5 colors of matte lipstick. 

Eve and Boy beauty 腮红系列

 Eve and Boy beauty 唇膏系列

一共有五个颜色! 两套唇膏系列准备给大家哦!想要就要快点来参加吧。

Just follow the simple term and condition

1) What is the name of the beauty store that I shared about during this blog post? 
2) Please share this blog post to your facebook, and screenshot the share page & with the answer please send to my email address : 

只需要回答以下问题和 follow Term & Condition.

1) 请问今天所介绍那么多的彩妆商品,是在曼谷哪一间美妆品店购买呢?

Term and condition

1)  Share 这篇部落格 到你的 Facebook. 然后 Screenshot 你的 share post, 连同答案email 至 :

hope you guys enjoy this! love you all ^^

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