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BEWARE of this shop! Eve and Boy Bangkok .

So to all the ladies who have recently or soon visit to Bangkok,  I am very cautious to share about this post, BEWARE of this shop  (Eve and Boy)

非常慎重的和大家分享这篇文章。 所有女生注意了。 如果你们最近或即将要到访曼谷。 一定要小心这间店。。 那就是 Eve and Boy

Let me share some information about Eve and Boy.

Eve and Boy is a very famous one-stop beauty shop in Bangkok, Currently have about 7 branches in Bangkok,one of the biggest flagship stores located at Siam Square area.  There's such a lot of beauty skincare products, cosmetic brands available in Eve and Boy ! With higher popularity of Thai local cosmetics and skincare products such as Mistine, 4u2, Supermum, Estro, Eve and Boy beauty can be found in Eve and Boy too. The product price at Eve and Boy are more cheaper than you shop at other beauty stores..  The founder of Eve and Boy is actually a sister and brother; Eve is the name of the sister& Boy is the name of the brother .

跟大家简略的介绍关于 Eve and Boy.

Eve and Boy 是太古曼谷一间美妆店,结合了平价商品到专柜和香水产品等等。 里面提供的都是最全面的货品,和最便宜的销售价格。 为什么这么说呢,这里就连专柜护肤品牌犹如 SK2 , ESTEE LAUDER 等等都是比起外面专柜的价钱来得便宜。 除此之外,这里也售卖不同品牌的香水,而且! 这里有许多香水品牌, 比起你在机场免税店里购买还来得便宜!什么是 Eve and Boy 呢?这间美妆店创办者是两位姐弟,姐姐名叫 Eve, 弟弟名叫 Boy. 这就是 Eve and Boy 名字的由来。现在已经有7间分行, 而最大间的旗舰店位于在 Siam Square商圈里。

Seriously this is not a special discounts or member's day in Eve and Boy! It's just a normal weekday crowds. This is the biggest one-stop beauty store i have visited in Bangkok. Be careful with your money to avoid overspending ! 


小心你的钱,你的credit card. 一不小心,你就会在这里花过头了。

爱逛美妆品牌,和爱用的化妆品的美眉们,你真的要细细的逛每一个角落。 因为每一个角落的化妆品牌都是会让你惊喜。 他绝对不会说在靠尾端的地方,就是没什么好用,没什么精彩的化妆品。 跟你说!大错特错。 就是因为琳琅满目,太多品牌了,所以这里每个角落你都要好好的逛一逛。

I do have to warn you when you walk through each brands at Eve and Boy that I shared to you as below...

Eve and Boy Beauty 

Eve and Boy Signature beauty brand with their best selling product such as Intense Velvet Lip, Classic Blush, and also the best selling foundation air sponge.  ( Don't miss out my product giveaway at the end of this article!!)  " this is just the first destination, but it's already seducing you with their best selling product" 

Eve and Boy Beauty 自创品牌。 包装走的是专业简约路线。 Intense Velvet Lip 和  Classic Blush 都是现在最热卖的商品。 (好康在后头! 这些统统都要送给大家哦!)

Fragrance Category 

Eve and Boy provides the One- stop of beauty store concepts which creates the convenience of shopping experiences. You can get a lot of international fragrances in Eve and Boy too! The price for some of the perfumes/fragrances sold cheaper than duty-free shops. "hnmn...need a strongest self-control here, otherwise will shop more than your expectation" 

一站式的美妆点少不了男女都爱的香水!  刚才有提到。 在这里有许多品牌的香水的价格比起在机场的免税店买得更便宜。


This is a Thai cosmetic brand, which using the best raw materials from Europe and USA to ensure the best cosmetics product but affordable prices to all the ladies. Their signature product ranges maintly their lips color. I highly recommended their Oasis Matte Lip-Fix, which giving the matte lips texture with only 255 Thai Baht after discount. " For lipstick lover like me...please avoid yourseld appearing there!" 

Estro , 泰国最新的本地化妆品品牌。 售卖的是唇彩系列。 最红的商品就是他们家的 Liquid Matte Lip-Fix, and Semi Matte Lipstick. 个人大大的推荐,因为我真的所有颜色都买了。 使用了一次后,就决定全部颜色都买下。 颜色色泽非常的明显,而且质地不会太干。 最重要的是它很持久。 当然, 它真的很便宜!原价 泰币 450, 折扣后才200多泰币。 不买真的对不起自己。


This is another famous and affordable Thailand cosmetic brand which I heard from the Thai locals said this brand is so famous among the students and young teenagers FYI, this brands already available in Malaysia. 

经过那里的本地人介绍,这个品牌也是许多泰国本地年轻人和学生的最爱。因为它便宜,而且商品什么种类都有。  过后做了research, 发觉到这个牌子已经进军大马了,在一些 Aeon 商场里可以买到。


Mistine is the  number 1 Thailand cosmetic brand. I think most of the peoples are aware of this brands too, as you can see a lot of their advertising all over the places in Bangkok. Personally I likes some of the products from Mistine, such as eyeliner and mascara! and their products are really cheap! You can get the full ranges of Mistine products in Eve and Boy. 

 Mistine 这个牌子应该不用我多说了,因为在泰国到处都可以看到他的广告。 而且代言的所有模特儿都好漂亮啊! 自己都好想化妆画成像他们一样。 哈哈哈! 本人很爱这个品牌。 因为它真的又便宜又好用! 介绍过好多人使用了,许多人都会很疑惑他们来到泰国尤其是去到 Watsons 都没有看到这个品牌。 可是你放心, Eve and Boy 拥有整个系列!

Seriously I spent more than 2 hours at Eve and Boy ! you definitely will shop until you forgot the time. 

继续在逛街的我! 哈哈哈哈, 是不是很有“魅力”呢! 好的再继续收索还有什么品牌介绍给大家。

Lash Bar 

If you are the fake eyelashes lover, the second floor at Eve and Boy; definitely is your shopping paradise. There have a variety of fake eyelashes brands, and designs from the lash categories. 

爱购买假睫毛的你,上到第二楼有个假睫毛天堂。 因为这里售卖不同款式,不同品牌,而且素质蛮不错的假睫毛。 因为本人不怎么爱戴假睫毛,所以没有买到什么样本来试一试。 可是如果你是假睫毛的爱用者,这里非逛不可。


Another crazy Thai cosmetic brands which is crazily selling at Eve and Boy. So why I said so? this is because I can't really grab one of the lipstick from the shelf display as they are too many of peoples there! 

Supermum! 这也是泰国现在超红的彩妆品。 他的 Matte liquid lipstick 可以说是要用 "luck" 和 “抢” 才能买到的。

So in order to waste the time waiting the ladies trying out and choosing their colors. I quickly searched from the google, and find out the color chart. I just pick my favorite color based on the color chart and that's it !!  Supermum do selling more color shades of matte liquid lipstick, and is so cheap with only 155 Thai baht. But personally preferred Estro brand than Supermum.

柜上的唇彩一摆上去就全部被抢购,店家真的需要一篮篮的用号码分类放在一旁让人抢购。 来看看我抢购的身影。 大家应该会问,没试颜色怎么知道要选购什么颜色呢? 是的, 以其浪费时间和那么多人抢着要test 颜色,倒不如你们上网查看 Supermum 的 color chart. 然后就看自己喜欢什么颜色和选购就可以了。

为什么那么多人呢? 因为matte lipstick 已经是现在最红的商品之一,而且 Supermum 拥有的的颜色真的有好多。 再来! 它真的很便宜,一支才 155 泰币。 至于我本人试用了过后发觉到 Estro 品牌的比较好用。

 Hair Zone  & Men Zone 

So guys, Do you enjoy shopping with your gf or wife? Now you don't need to feel BORED of waiting your gf especially at Eve and Boy. Their Men Zone is quite exciting too. 

陪老婆或女朋友逛街的男生们也不用担心。 因为这里的 Men Zone 也有售卖不同品牌和种类的保养品(从头到脚)。 头发护法系列更是多到一个夸张, 像是如果你想要购买一些很不错又特别的护发霜 , hair treatment 等等。 可以在这里找找新大陆了。

Accidentally I have bought too much of stuffs! BUT so thankful that all of you keep reading this tempting post,  but I won't let you you "just see" but "can't get anything"! haha! 
The surprise is all over here!

真的是会一不小心! 什么都买了!但是我当然要慰劳一下辛苦看这篇文章,却去不到现场但是又很想要这些商品的你们! Eve and Boy 的惊喜就在这里了。

产品使用和分享影片可以在以下Youtube Video 观看! 

Do check out my shopping Haul at Eve and Boy Video 

Eve and Boy Contest Giveaway (Part 1) 
These are the two products giveaway to all my readers (Part 1)

Part 1 要赠送给大家的商品有以下: 

1) Eve and Boy Blender Sponge ( 2 boxes)

2) Eve and Boy Fresh Drop Pure Mineral Spray ( 12 bottles)

Just follow the simple term and condition

1) What is the name of the beauty store that I shared about during this blog post? 
2) Please share this blog post to your facebook, and screenshot the share page & with the answer please send to my email address : 

只需要回答以下问题和 follow Term & Condition.

1) 请问今天所介绍那么多的彩妆商品,是在曼谷哪一间美妆品店购买呢?

Term and condition

1)  Share 这篇部落格到你的 Facebook. 然后 Screenshot 你的 share post, 连同答案email 至 :

So what about next ?? There are more exciting products for next week !

stay tune for my next week giveaway ! I will be giving out Eve and Boy Velvet Lips + Blusher set !

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