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Weekend Recharging Getaway - Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20

曼谷。 一个让你意犹未尽,充满热情的城市。 有许多马来西亚人都喜欢到访曼谷,也因为地理位置非常的靠近,只需要两三个小时的时间就能飞到曼谷,加上人文风情,食物都是比较接近我们。

There are numerous attraction, activities and places especially shopping malls in Bangkok. Travel to Bangkok for all the Malaysians is kind of easy things, due to short geographical distance & also the air flight tickets promotion.

我可说是对泰国曼谷非常的熟悉,几乎陆续五年里,年年都会到访曼谷。 而且一年里至少都会去个一两次。 许多人游曼谷的方式不同,有的就喜欢三天两夜的 shopping 旅程,有的就喜欢观光旅游景点。 我的Bangkok Vacation 的方式,喜欢像泰国道地人的生活旅程。 尽量探索不同的地方,品尝有许多人不知道的cafe, 食物,等等。

Personally I really like Bangkok ! All my friends and families knew how much I love this country ! I just don't know why ! haha. So usually I fly to Bangkok at least twice per year, sometime more than that. I am very familiar with Bangkok, so I don't really need to worry about anything in Bangkok, getting lost or need to study again their area or bts line. I just like to explore more deeper and something unique in Bangkok, such as Cafes, nice foods, hidden bar and so on.

Hotel住宿饭店也不例外。 住腻了那些网络或 Facebook 常介绍的 hotel? 那么这次的分享,值得大家来推推!和来这里享受。

Oh ya, same goes to Hotel! Feel bored to those boutique hotels/ budget hotels that spread viral in social media ? This posting will be something new to you. And I will be sharing a nice hotel located in Sukhumvit area.

这次安排了周末充电旅程,和大家介绍这次居住的饭店。 很适合悠闲之旅居住的饭店

Planned a nice recharging weekend short getaway to Bangkok. And this hotel definitely a perfect choices for a weekend short getaway, 

Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20. 是今年刚新开的饭店。 地点位于在 Sukhumvit soi 20 。 想必许多人都会遇到同样的问题, 好比如说和teksi, tut tut 司机常会有的沟通问题,就是酒店位置在哪里,在哪个街道。 通常不是要拿饭店提供的泰文地址,就是要 google search 或 google map 来导航饭店位置。 可是 这里, 你只需要和他们说 Sukhumit soi 20 ! 他们就会知道在哪里,而且到达了 soi 20 道路上就会看到Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20. 非常的方便。

Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20 just launched by this year January. With a prime location in the bustling area of Sukhumvit, located at Sukhumvit soi 20 . I believed that most of the peoples have the same communication problem with the teksi driver or tut tut driver on the direction way to hotel. And you only need to tell the teksi driver or tut tut driver with Sukhumvit Soi 20, and they will know where it is. Just so convenient and easy access. 

这次入住了 Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20 的 Executive Suite. 来看看我的房间吧

Let's come to my room tour. I stayed 3 days 2 nights at their executive suite.

房间里有个客厅。客厅面积非常的宽敞,还有一个脚踏车可以让你在旅行也可以好好 keep fit。 

Each executive room or executive suite is fitted with a private exercise bike ! you can easily burn your fats and keep fits at your room. 

小厨房麻雀虽小五脏俱全,有个微波炉,吃饭座椅,还有碗盘之类的。 如果你打包回饭店吃,或者是在 7/11 买到的微波食物可以在这里弄热。

Small kitchen comes with a microwave and some kitchen equipment. Suitable for those who like to "dabao" from night market or 7/11 ! Definitely you can just enjoy all your days at the room.

厕所供应的用品几乎都齐全。 牙膏牙刷,针线, 棉花, 棉花棒, 浴帽, 吹风筒, shower gel, shampoo 等等。 所以大家不用担心,出一个远门还要带吹风筒啦, shower gel 等等的。

Bathroom supplies almost complete with shower gel, shampoo, hair dryer(most important to all the ladies) , shower cap, cotton bud, tooth brush & tooth paste and so on. You don't need to worry about bringing too much of these stuffs for a short getaway.

冲凉房有个我最爱的浴缸! 因为家里没有浴缸设备。所以非常珍惜每次在饭店里有的浴缸。好让我泡个热水澡。建议大家也可以自备精油,倒些薰衣草精油泡澡可让你的睡眠更好哦。

Bath tub makes me happy ! haha, I really appreciated a hotel with a bath tub as I don't have a bath tub at my home. I just like to get a my bubble shower at the bath tub. 

来看看我漂亮的房间。 房间走的是暗灰色系。有带点低调摩登的感觉。 颜色的采用搭配很舒服,我很喜欢他的桌面都使用大理石的设计,显得特别的高贵。

Let's see my pretty bedroom. Stylish ,  urban with a chic appeal, and a dark grey color painting just nice . The interior design of the hotel and room is complimented with touches of modern art throughout the hotel.

除了客厅, 房间里还有个电视机。 每次来到曼谷,我在饭店最爱做的事情就是看泰国本地电台节目和电视剧, 哈哈哈!因为他们本地的电视剧真的好戏剧化!综艺节目就算是听不明白还是觉得很好笑,

There is a big 46-inch tv with a complimentary of WI- FI at the bedroom. I likes to watch those local Thai variety show and drama, although I really not understand what are they talking about, but I just love it. Especially when you watched their local drama with those dramatic fighting and arguing among the ladies. Haha!

尤其是当你平常的忙碌生活,和生活压力。 抽个周末时间可以在这里来个周末的假日relax.谁说来到 曼谷就一定要 shopping 一整天呢。

饭店的插头没有设有国家插座,所以大家最好还是预备几个国际插头。 这里的插座只适合两个插头的; 三角插头就要使用国际插座。 还有一点非常方便的,这里还设有USB 插座, 你的一些 powerbank, ipod, ipad, 手提电话等等都能使用。

You need to prepare a universal plug as they don't have a universal socket . But one thing that i love the most, they do have a USB socket which is very convenient for powerbank, ipod and ipad users. You can charge your battery at the same time without worry about insufficient of charger .

饭店不是很靠近 BTS OR MRT 。 最靠近的快铁站在 ASOK STATION (附近就有 Terminal21 商场) , 还有Phrom Phong station, (附近就是 Emquartier Mall and Emporium Mall)  可是大家可以不用担心,因为饭店设立自家的 TUT TUT 车, 可以到LOBBY 柜台检查他们的 schedule ,饭店的员工们会载你们到 BTS 站,又或者是附近的商场。 一些乘搭BTS 下 Phrong Phong 站的也不用担心, 附近拥有摩托车服务。 一个人只需要给 200 泰币,跟他们说 Sukhumvit soi 20, 就会载你到饭店门口了。

There is a walking distance from hotel to the nearest BTS station of Phrom Phong Station and Asok Station. Phrom Phong station (Emquartier Shopping Mall & Emporium Shopping Mall). Asok Station (Terminal 21).  Hotel provided a free tut tut service to nearest BTS station and nearest shopping mall, you can refer to their schedule at the lobby,

以上的 Bts Line Map, 可以依照厚青色的线。 从 Asok or  Phrom Phong 站, 如果你要到 Siam Area 比如说 (Siam Square, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Siam Center) 可以乘坐到 Siam station.
周末想去Chatuchak 逛一逛, 也可以乘坐同一条线, 直蹦到最上头的 Mo Chit Station,

Some of the bts direction details for your information, Based on the bts line visual as above, if you want to go to Siam area such as (Siam Square, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Siam Center) , you can take the green line (Sukhumvit line) , from Phrom Phong Station or Asok Station to Siam Station.

Weekend for Chatuchak Shopping ? You can take the same line to Mo Chit Station.

How to go to Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20 from the airport?
From Survanabhumi Airport 
Option 1:  Use the Airport link to Phaya Thai, and after that interchange to Sukhumvit Bts line Asok or Phrom Phong Station. But this option you need to carry your luggage and take some walking distance from the bts station to hotel; or else you can take the tut tut service from bts station to reach the Hotel.

Option 2: Meter teksi service/ Uber service. (about 20-30 minutes) .

From Don Muang Airport 
Option 1: There is no Airport link from Don Muang Aiport. The easy ways I will still recommend to use their meter teksi service or Uber service.

傍晚时间可以建议大家在rooftop swimming pool 游泳和休息。

You can enjoy your evening time at the rooftop swimming pool . That's the recent trend with the cute floats! I chooses the white unicorn , and you can rent the float from (Instagram). You know what, most of the tourist was attracted by this cute unicorn float!

最近超流行的 float 可以在这个时候派上用场了。哈哈, 这次选择了 可爱的 UNICORN. 在那里玩水的住客看到我这只可爱的 UNICORN 都纷纷要和它拍照。 看来他的受欢迎度比较高。

想要知道在哪里可以租借不同造型又可爱的 FLOAT, 可以游览 instagram 致电/ whatsapp 至 017-2953882, 或 email:

Want to know more information about this cute float rental services? kindly log on to their instagram

店主的服务非常的友善,float 的出租价格是根据你使用的天数。

晚餐时间可以吃什么呢? 如果想要品尝local Thai food 我大大的推荐就在饭店那条soi 20 街头的 jim jum ! Jim Jum 也就是 Hot Pot 的意思。 售卖的都是道地传统的泰国美食。 小砂锅里是味道超级棒的清汤。 老板会给你一大盘拼盘。 拼盘里有蔬菜,香菜,薄荷还有冬粉。 你可以选择牛肉或猪肉, 老板就会给你一盘生猪肉/牛肉加蛋。 等汤底滚好后,你就可以一一的倒下所有的食物。 给大家一个tips, 蔬菜不需要全部都丢进去,你可以分三分之一部分扔进去先,而且薄荷叶真的不要放太多进去,不然烫头会变的很苦(本人吃了许多次给大家的意见)。

Thinking of what to eat for dinner? I'de a great dinner plan for all of you. It just located infront of the hotel, at the soi 20, which is Jim Jum. Jim Jum is a local Thai dishes serves with a pot with clear soup. Just like a hot pot dinner, you can choose either beef of pork, they will provide you some mix vegetables and vermicelli.  Kindly take note that don't pour so many mint leaf inside the clear soup, it will change the taste of the soup and became a little bit bitter

许多人都会关心的其中一点,就是饭店附近有没有便利商店。 是的, Family Mart 就在饭店门口旁边而已。 所以大家如果半夜肚子饿了,还是有逛便利商店习惯的都不用担心。 而且  Sukhumvit Soi 20 那条街就有好几间的 7/11 和 Family Mart。

Most of the peoples will concern about any convenience shop like Family Mart or 7 eleven nearby the hotel? Yes. A 24 hours Family Marts just left beside the Hotel, and there are more than 3 convenience shop along the soi 20.

睡到自然醒的轻松周末 (当然不要超过十点半,因为饭店早餐只供应到10.30am). 你大可穿个轻便的下楼吃个丰富营养的早餐。

Woke up not so early in the second days, must be before 10.30am, because the hotel breakfast served until 10.30am. Let's have a delicious breakfast ! hiak hiak hiak ~

对我来说,早餐一定要有面包。 所以,我第一时间就是去烤我的面包了。

Various types of foods serve at the restaurant. Western, Chinese, or Thai Style of food could be found at their breakfast selections. Breakfast must have bread, the first thing I will do is baking the bread, with eat with my favorite strawberry jams.

不会刻意的安排什么行程。 这样的旅程最喜欢, 所以居住的饭店很重要。 吃完早餐,是时候运动运动了。

After breakfast,  a relax and unplanned schedule , I start my day with a 45 minutes of bike cycling to burn some calories after eating too much of food last days

来到泰国每次都会大吃大喝。 幸亏房间里还设了一部脚踏车,运动个45分钟消耗所持的卡咯里!

下午的时间选择了在Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20 饭店里享受SPA ! (敬请留守接下来的部落格,有详细的介绍)

Enjoy my spa treatment at Well Spa after my workout. Stay tune for my next blog posting, I will be sharing the spa treatment at Well Spa .


希望大家会喜欢我这次的分享。 请留守我接下来一系列曼谷最新行程! 将会陆陆续续的跟大家分享。

Hotel Website: Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20 Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20

Instagram: @wellhotelbangkok

Facebook: Well Hotel Bangkok FB

Hope you guys like the hotel review , and a full version of hotel review vlog kindly watch at below youtube link. Stay tune for my upcoming posting for my Bangkok trip latest itinerary .

Well Hotel Sukhumvit 20 的 Vlog 可以在以下片段观看。


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