Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday relax- and lunch with 面屋武藏

okay, everyone love weekend, especially saturday, but not really for sunday because monday is just the next day. Monday blue to all of the working peoples, included me.

Had a small shopping session with my dear on last Sunday.

petite top -TOPSHOP
high waist pants- TOPSHOP
studded shoes -TOPSHOP

Okay, I know I look so fat with this petite top, but I will keep this as one of my motivation to keep fit , and do more exercise. As you know my fashion icon was Miranda Kerr, but was always tease by my friends I am actually is Pirahna, not Miranda..haha! quite funny. 

we went to the nearest shopping center, and had our lunch at Isetan Food Court, where their food i think is "fully imported" from Japan. They are variety of choices, but at last we choose 面屋武藏。

The chefs are shouting their slogan, and enjoying cooking their ramen.

You will just felt like having your lunch in Japan.

Basically they have different flavor of soup, of course I will choose the spicy one^^ and the other special for this restaurant is they do have serving Dry Japanese Ramen. 

and now!!their Ramen is my first love!! I prefer this rather than Yamagoya because their Ramen was tasted like Wantan Mee. But maybe for those who like wantan mee may like the Ramen, but not for me . 
So of course I will back to this restaurant again^^

Happy girl again after the meal^^

I know I'm neglecting this blog for a few weeks...I tried to blog at least once per week, but my times was fully occupied by my works...Haiz..but I am enjoying in blogging, just want to share with my readers my life, and my though. That's it! 

it's 1.08am now..going to sleep, and few more hours have to wake up and travel back to KL and WORKING!!!! MONDAY SO BLUE......



路宝贝 said...

No worries. The blue is going to fade very soon when u start working.

小影 said...

Good evening!!! =]

Mr Lonely said...

yummies + nice~ XD


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