Monday, January 28, 2013

Xmas 2012 with my dear friends

Previously, my xmas eve is celebrated with all my dear friends, but last year xmas a bit different, I need to leave my friends in KL and travel to Singapore. So we planned to have a small advanced xmas celebration before that~

Allo paris @ Damansara perdana is our first choice^^

Lets see the interior design

A very simple interior design , dark tone of color, very cozy and just feel like you are dinning at

Paris. very suitable for couple who wanna have their anniversary or valentine celebration.

outfit of the day- dark color is still my favorite ^^ I need to keep fit and exercise to maintain my body shape, as all my dress are so tight ^^ see this picture my tummy was accidentally came out...

Black dress- (forgot which boutique I bought)
Heels- Mango

haha, this year seems like so many gifts, so excited and cant wait for it. The mechanism of the xmas gift exchange is randomly choose the paper that already wrote down the numbers.

Lets pictures with our gift^^

Diva got her big big pressie^^

my buddy got my pressie^^ so ngam

guess what is inside the box? is a glitter motion lamp, like it so much, can use it during sleeping night 

food of the day, I forgot all the food name because we ordered a few of it, and the taste was very nice, especially the spaghetti, highly recommend it . The food is better than I expected, so it's really satisfied me .

oh ya, that day also the advanced birthday celebration for Priscilla and her boyfriend, they are just so lovely couple. 

Okay, finished my blog for X mas 2012. All done for the Christmas post. Just a very simple but so enjoyable celebration with all my dear friends. Some of my friends would be back to Kuching after their graduation, so would be lesser family members after that, so I am so appreciate all the time gathering with them.

Good luck

Thanks you


Allo Paris said...

Hi Sharon!

We from Allo Paris would like to seek your permission to to feature some of your photos in this post on our Facebook Fanpage.

Looking forward to your reply :)

Sharon said...

yes sure ^^ u can feature my picture on your fb^^ happy cny ^^


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