Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2012 in Singapore

I need to finish all my 2012 post ASAP  because CNY is coming around...what am I doing here...keep remembering myself to update my blog as frequent as last time(before I working)...

Okay, update with my readers my short trip to Singapore during Xmas 2012. I wish to go Singapore for such a long time ago, because I was about 10++years  never being there before....seriously...poor student is like that...So now started working and promised to myself must travel to Singapore!!

having my short trip to Singapore with my Boyfie family, they are just so lovely family, we having our good time there, We went there about 3 days 2 nites , stay in Jb at  my Boyfie aunty house.

one thing that I miss a lot is the 果条仔。 Sorry I just forgot where is the location of this shop, but maybe you can search through google with their shop name. Especially their delicious side orders...nice food really make my day!!

How we celebrated our Xmas eve?? no fireworks, no crowded of peoples...not much of X mas feeling in Marina Bay shopping center....Just watched their "SOSO" lighting show...and expecting there will be a fireworks on 12am..while .all the public are waiting there with nothing ...such disappointing...

but is worth it to capture the pictures with such a nice and romantic view...and shopping like (forget about the price tag), hahaha~well..Singapore is such a beautiful country...Malaysia really like...Aiszzzz,,

with boyfie sis...with her round round baby inside her tummy..haha~ baby coming soon~~

outfit of the day

long black dress- forever 21
slippers- Vincci

a casual & lady look for my X mas eve outfit. It's really suitable for girls who wanna to style like casual but a bit of romantic look.

Xmas tree in Orchard road...Singapore is really a nice country for vacation during Xmas..because all the shopping centers, and places are full of Xmas decoration, and feelings. Just like in western countries...

Okay, bye bye to all my readers...going to sleep now..need to travel back to KL working tomorrow morning ^^

good luck and thank you

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Mr Lonely said...

visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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