Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black temptation with H&M

Black is the darkest color, Black is the most acceptable color by all the peoples, Black is the flattering to wear, Black is the MUST item color in your wardrobe, and Black is the fashion that goes with everything.

a little black dress is the MUST to all the ladies, is look simple, elegant, and easy to match with everything includes bag, accessories, and shoes.

  Black dress = H&M
Black Clutches= H&M
flats= FOREVER 21

All black always is my style, when I was out of my mind to figure out which outfit should i wear, or no ideals to mix and match with my outfit. This is so called "lazy outfit", haha~ This style is so suitable for evening dinner look, casual lady outing&dating look. 

Black clutches from H&M, simple design is easily to match with any outfit, thats y i grab it without any dissonance on my mind.

I am ready to go~ Hope you like this style

Good luck


NANCYXO said...



cheryl chan said...

Like the H&M black dress of 2 different texture. :)

Sorry that I couldn't made it to the shooting last time at Publika and am very busy with wedding assignments now. :(

Sharon said...

is ok~ still got chance^^ keep in touch ya~

The Chie said...

Nice little black dress ♥


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