Sunday, September 16, 2012

Biore Body Powder Wipes review

Haha, this time going to introduce a very useful stuff, and I personally think that it’s very important for us , especially we stay in a very hot weather country

Well, for girls and ladies, you must feel very ignored and hated so much for the hot weather. Because it will makes you sweating, your makeup melting , your body feel so sticky too. So, you must have this in your bag!! What is that??

Taaaa dahhhhhhh~~~

Biore body  powder wipes, a brand new product from Japan, that give you instantly refresh, and remove all the odor, perspiration, stickiness with just one wipe.
This product comes with two types, Fresh Soup Fragrance, and Fresh Citrus Fragrance.
I frequently used this product, especially under the hot sun. I having my class almost during the afternoon time. Sometime I would sweating after a long walk(under the hot sun) to my class. So, I will use Biore body powder wipes to remove the stickiness feeling in my body.

Ish….hated it….i hate so much the hot weather!!!!!It’s totally spoil my shopping and dating mood!!! I

Biore Body Powder Wipe Technology

Okay, what the unique and benefit of this product? Unlike the other wet tissue, after you wipes into your body, you will feel the wet texture, and it will become sticky after it dry.
Current wet sheets in the market are used for basic cleaning, there are no special product features .
But only Biore can bring two functional benefits in one time, which are wipes sweat off well and leaves powder on skin.

 SO, faster grab one for yourself!! You can now buy it in any Watson Store in Malaysia!!!

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