Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gamila Secret

Here to introduce a cleansing bar to all my dear readers>>>>>>Gamila Secret<<<<<

I think some of the peoples would know about this cleansing bar, physically it's really look like a soap, firstly it give me a perception which a very dry condition onto my face when i used it. But I am wrong!! Gamila secret cleansing bar just like a magic bar,give you a moisture , hydrate but clean face.

Briefly talk about the Gamila. Gamila hiar was born in a village called Pekiin in the Galilee, she was inspired by her father, who expert on plants and an authority on medical herbs. So how it will comes to a cleansing bar??She discovered her talent on mixing the right herbs and create a new formulas with a nourishing effect. They are about 40 years used by Gamila to find out the most suitable herbs to do the cleansing bar , and finally here comes up the Gamila Secret cleansing bar with her secret recipe formula.

So how to use it??

activate the cleansing bar with warm water

if you are not sensitive skin, you can straightly massage your face with the cleansing bar. 

see it?? this magic cleansing bar not like the normal soap with a very dry condition, you'll feel a sticky moisture based when you massage it onto your face.

after massage your face about one minutes, wash it with cold water. you will feel that your skin is very clean, but very moisture. 

hehehe, I felt more confident with my "naked" face. because normally I will apply at least a concealer or foundation to cover up my uneven skin tone. ( but i know i stll have serious dark eye circle...) hahaha~
People like me, who scared of using sin care product that make your skin more worst and dry, Gamila Secret definitely would be your best friend.

They are a lot of celebrities also the big fans of Gamila Secret Cleansing bar, But they are not endorse for the product ya^^

FInd out more about this product in their website
and also their fb

If you guys still confuse on how to use the product,
This video would helped you up!!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

女人下午茶 Hi-tea @HOuse Ecurve


House 位于在Ecurve 底楼,本人之所以会知道这个地方和下午茶也是因为从 Dealmates 购买超级无敌划算又便宜的Coupon. 这里的环境很不错~简约的欧美风格~带着阳光照射的落地窗~非常的温暖~
.基本上这个三层的下午茶套餐,有Blueberry cheese cake, scones, and sandwiches

how about the taste?? erm....我个人觉得三文治真的很不错,很好吃。可是scone和blueberry cheese cake呢就还好了~ 如果十分满分的话,我会给予6分~所以算是及格。

pretty Chloe with her OOTD~ she really look like a princess~ I told her that maybe this is our last hi tea gathering because we going to graduate soon..and she will move to Singapore after that~ quite sad....sob sob~ i will miss her so much~

 one of the interesting session for our gathering would be playing our pop booth~ as both of us love to capture picture~ (i will very miss the time playing pop booth with you)


OOTD OF THE DAY~ a pinkish dress and a black high heels, to create a girlish romance style~

The end. 

Good luck to all my readers

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Biore Body Powder Wipes review

Haha, this time going to introduce a very useful stuff, and I personally think that it’s very important for us , especially we stay in a very hot weather country

Well, for girls and ladies, you must feel very ignored and hated so much for the hot weather. Because it will makes you sweating, your makeup melting , your body feel so sticky too. So, you must have this in your bag!! What is that??

Taaaa dahhhhhhh~~~

Biore body  powder wipes, a brand new product from Japan, that give you instantly refresh, and remove all the odor, perspiration, stickiness with just one wipe.
This product comes with two types, Fresh Soup Fragrance, and Fresh Citrus Fragrance.
I frequently used this product, especially under the hot sun. I having my class almost during the afternoon time. Sometime I would sweating after a long walk(under the hot sun) to my class. So, I will use Biore body powder wipes to remove the stickiness feeling in my body.

Ish….hated it….i hate so much the hot weather!!!!!It’s totally spoil my shopping and dating mood!!! I

Biore Body Powder Wipe Technology

Okay, what the unique and benefit of this product? Unlike the other wet tissue, after you wipes into your body, you will feel the wet texture, and it will become sticky after it dry.
Current wet sheets in the market are used for basic cleaning, there are no special product features .
But only Biore can bring two functional benefits in one time, which are wipes sweat off well and leaves powder on skin.

 SO, faster grab one for yourself!! You can now buy it in any Watson Store in Malaysia!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yamagoya Ramen yummy yummy

Actually when i first visited to Solaris Publika, I was attracted by this Japanese Restaurant which called Yamagoya Ramen. I like to eat ramen, so definitively will noticed this restaurant.

Yamagoya Ramen is the !st original kyushu ramen in Malaysia, and has more than 140 outlets in Japan!!
Kyushu Ramen is the means of pork bone, so u will taste a very nice and sweet of pork bone soup for their ramen.

consider of what to order.....

Their signature Ramen, Mukashi Special Ramen

Spicy Tobanjan Ramen

Favorite Gyoza.

Their pasta  actually is similar like Wantan mee, is different with the normal Japanese Ramen i hav tried before, very tender and hav the nice fragrance of flour flavor. Furthermore, the ramen also serve with egg, seaweed, and their signatured "Char siu". For me, i prefer for the spicy flavor which is Spicy Tobanjan Ramen, Their soup based are actually same.  The Gyoza  is nice, but for my opinion is not much different with other Gyoza that serve from others Japanese Restaurant.

Overall, i think is worth to try, because the soup based is very nice!! I think is very Japan local food.

Yamagoya Ramen 
A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operation Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10am to 10pm;
Friday to Sunday 10am to 11pm.

Good foods really can make my days!! Smile to look forward for a better day^^

The End

GOod lUck


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