Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid

This post going to do a product review about the skin care product from Sampar.   Sampar, Smart Skin In The City is now selling in Malaysia.

Pioneer of urban skin care, SAMPAR has an ambition, to awaken the sleeping beauty in every women, uncovering and revealing her natural allure.
They are variety of product from Sampar, but this time I will introduce one of their rage which is Sampar ultra hydrating fluid.

For me, my skin is a combination type, my check is quite dry, and sometime i will feel my skin so tight and uncomfortable. In addition during my class time, especially at a air conditional room, my skin will become more worst.

Sampar Ultra Hydrating is a cream type. Actually I would be more prefer to use essence or serum, because is more easily to absorb onto the skin. But although this product is a cream moisturizer type, but the texture is very smooth, easy to apply and absorb faster onto the skin, It won’t feel sticky on your face.


My face look more hydrating and glowing after applying the product.
Actually hydrating is the most important treatment for all the girls. I know most of the girls would be emphasizes on whitening treatment. But normally whitening product would easily make your skin feel dry. Other than that, the weather in Malaysia is damn hot, and our skin always in the dehydrate condition. Lack of water inside our skin would easily appear the wrinkles, and dark spot.

Sampar product is RM276/50ml and it’s available at Parkson Sunway Pyramid. Check out for more information, and also their fan page

Well, cosmetics is the best way to cover all your disadvantages, and skill out your beauty. But the best way to have a perfect face beauty is the skin care treatment. Remember, love your skin when your are still young~ prevent it before it is too late~

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