Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid

This post going to do a product review about the skin care product from Sampar.   Sampar, Smart Skin In The City is now selling in Malaysia.

Pioneer of urban skin care, SAMPAR has an ambition, to awaken the sleeping beauty in every women, uncovering and revealing her natural allure.
They are variety of product from Sampar, but this time I will introduce one of their rage which is Sampar ultra hydrating fluid.

For me, my skin is a combination type, my check is quite dry, and sometime i will feel my skin so tight and uncomfortable. In addition during my class time, especially at a air conditional room, my skin will become more worst.

Sampar Ultra Hydrating is a cream type. Actually I would be more prefer to use essence or serum, because is more easily to absorb onto the skin. But although this product is a cream moisturizer type, but the texture is very smooth, easy to apply and absorb faster onto the skin, It won’t feel sticky on your face.


My face look more hydrating and glowing after applying the product.
Actually hydrating is the most important treatment for all the girls. I know most of the girls would be emphasizes on whitening treatment. But normally whitening product would easily make your skin feel dry. Other than that, the weather in Malaysia is damn hot, and our skin always in the dehydrate condition. Lack of water inside our skin would easily appear the wrinkles, and dark spot.

Sampar product is RM276/50ml and it’s available at Parkson Sunway Pyramid. Check out for more information, and also their fan page

Well, cosmetics is the best way to cover all your disadvantages, and skill out your beauty. But the best way to have a perfect face beauty is the skin care treatment. Remember, love your skin when your are still young~ prevent it before it is too late~

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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Bee Publika

Well, chill out with my buddy is one of my "hobby" in the leisure time. This time, i bring my dear buddy Kelson went to The Bee restaurant which located in Solaris Publika. I just realized there is another branch at Jaya 99 Petaling Jaya, but according to others blogger said that the environment in Publika is better than Jaya 99, so i think i choose the right place for my lunch.

The bee serves nice western food, burger, sandwiches, quality coffee, and dessert. As what their theme of the restaurant as neighbourhood hang out, the interior design and the whole atmosphere is so match with their theme. especially their furniture, woody style match with some greenly to create an art and unique atmosphere.

a lil country style look, DIY flower vase with Heineken botol.

Picture first before eating^^ haha~ me and my buddy Kelson. Picture edited using Boheful software from Iphone application.

cosy atmosphere all around us, since it is weekdays, and doesn't have crowded customers at that time. Al the pictures taken was edited by different application in my phone, i love it so much, because the effect is really brings out the feeling of the restaurant.

we both ordered the lunch set, a spaghetti and a fresh lemonade juice. The spaghetti aglio olio quite nice, a lil bit spice herbs and the best aroma of  olive oil. 

apple crumble as the dessert^^ the combination with the cold vanilla ice-cream and hot crispy cookies and apple is the best ever!!!! luv it so much. 

 give him a nice edited picture!! hahaha~ i am so satisfied for my edited picture. so nice and stylish!! It's just like in other western country , having our enjoyable lunch^^

What's my comment about this restaurant?? erm...overall is pretty nice, similar as my expectation,  the food and dessert r average good for me. Would be better to hang out with a group of friends, and enjoy with the variety of  foods. You can also trying others stuff such as burger, vegetarian food, hot dogs and so on..At first I though to order their lunch set with the signature burger, but i was passed by the Fatboy Burger before i entered The Bee restaurant. So my heart was so into the Fatboy burger rather than The Bee one, so i think i should try for Fatboy Burger for the next time.

36B, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas.
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, KL
Mon - Thurs 9am-12am
Fri 9am-1am
Sat 10am-1am
Sun 10am-10pm
Tel: 016-6736142

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

11082012 updated

Finally, I had finished my research project...neglected my blog for about 1++ week...
Before that, my life seems like so stress, and  I felt so fed up to myself...keep working on my research project...and now passed up the project, and feel so emptiness now.....

I luv to enjoy for a nice meal after my busy work. So we craving for our dinner at Vietnam Kitchen in One Utama. I never tried Vietnam food, this is the first time and I totally fall in luv on it! Me and dear ordered for dinne set meal, because is quite cheap and worth it.

Claypot pork belly and rice. The pork belly is so tender and coupled with the aroma of black pepper. Yummy Yummy!!
Vietnam Beef Noodle. The soup not so spicy, is quite similar with our local prawn mee soup . 

My tired face

OOTD, a simple white T shirt and a middle waist of black shorts. Simple and nice. A comfortable wear is my favourite.

My hairstyle of the day. Curving my long long hair. My dip dyed color faded until so ugly, no ideal of what is the next color for my hair...and I am so wanted to chop off my hair...but still.....still in consideration

okay, turn to another topic..I know all of you may same with me..being crazy of Olympic London 2012. Especially the badminton final match for LCW vs Lin Dan. Although our hero LCW lose for the Gold Medal, but he still the hero of Malaysia, and also Me!!! Seriously, never as proud as that day..I feel so proud of him and Malaysia.

LCW don't give up!! you've already tried your best during the match..but the luck is not with you. For Malaysian, you deserve the Gold Medal!!

Okay, finished my blog here. 

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