Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bangkok trip last post

The third day in Bangkok is little tired for us...because we used too much of energy shopping, buying, and walking for the past two days...Don't know what's the ideal come from...we decided walking to Platinum Mall, and Siam Area from our hotel...It's still okay walking to Platinum Mall..but sorry not for second time walking to Siam Paragon......I am so tired of it..seriously..

Outfit of the day~ all from Bangkok..Naraya bag, Forever 21 top, shorts and flip flop..

and also the studded accessories from Forever 21.

Platinum Mall is very suitable for those who want to find for cheap stuff, the place is similar like Sg Wang. Inside have a lots of shops, but you will get cheaper price/ wholesale price if you buy more pieces/ color/ size.

After that, we walking to Siam Area, first destination was Siam Paragon. Having our lunch in MOS Burger.

We ordered the pork burger. You can easily find pork dishes anywhere in Thailand, it is different in Malaysia. 

After that we just walking around the Siam Paragon, Siam center, and Siam street. Siam area is very big, is bigger and mess than my expectation, so if you guys plan to shop in Siam Area, I will recommend to use one day hang around in Siam Area. So, you no need so rush on time for your next destination.

After that we going to Madame Tussauds at Siam Discovery.Remember, try to buy the ticket through online, because it is cheaper than you buy on the spot. It's cost only RM40 per person.

took a lot of picture in Madame Tussauds Mussuem. But impossible to upload all the pictures in the blog. but you can view the other picture in my fb page.

What's the activities during night? I am so lucky one, because we explored there is a night market just nearby our hotel..seriously, Bangkok street food is my favourite, is the best food ever.Thai localised food is the BEST EVER.

This fish ball kueh tiew soup

this similar with our maggie goreng but is nicer than maggie goreng!!

Banana roti canai

Bbq Pork/chicken ( very very very nice)

U must try the bbq sotong!! Especially their sauces!!!

 We ate alot of foods that night, and we finished our day 3 in Bangkok with herbal body massage. 

The last day in Bangkok, since our flight is 8pm++, so we still have a lot of time in Bangkok, so we followed the half day tour to the Saduak floating market. Quite interesting to there, because first time see peoples doing business all over the river..

Okay, finished my long long Bangkok post. Bangkok is really a nice place, everything is cheap, nice food, nice shopping mall, nice massage. I miss there alot now..and sure will back to Bangkok again very very soon~~

Bangkok street^^

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Good Luck 

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cindyrina said...

i love all the photos. nice shot! plus you look lovely too! :)

Sharon said...

thanks cindyrina

EkaWeird said...

Is good to go oversea.. u look so beautiful in the picture.. i follow u blog.. ^_^

Btw, visit mine too

cara membesarkan said...

postingan yang bagus

Pattaya said...

Thailand is definitely one of the cheapest countries in the world to visit. I found a lot of beautiful cheap finds in Platinum Mall during my Thai travel last year!;)I had fun looking at my favorite Hollywood couple Brangelina at Madame Tussauds Musseum in Bangkok, too!:)

Jay said...

i've never been to Madam Tussaud in Bangkok before, wish to visit there next time i go to Bangkok.

Bee said...

hi, i would like to ask how much is the Saduak floating market tour that u took? do u need to pay for the transport fee?

Sharon said...

you can actually bought the ticket from your hotel. half day only rm45 , if not mistaken.

Agnes Sim said...

hi, may i know where u al put ur luggage since ur flight is nite time one?

Ellen Page said...

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