Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Review : Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

Remember my previous post where I said I’ve found an awesome sunblock?
It is my honour to introduce to you today my new found love: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence!

Based on the previous blog post, I have shared about how cruel the UV rays are because they speed up aging process and that we need to apply sunblock everyday to protect our beauty from the sun. However, sunblock products are often sticky and oily so it’s very uncomfortable to use daily. L
Okay, let’s take a look at this product. It has SPF50+/PA+++ which is good for 1 day full day protection from UVA and UVB rays. However, take note to reapply if you have towel dried yourself after swimming or when wiping your sweat off your face.
It contains Aqua Micro Capsules which provides you with superior UV block yet with non sticky, non oily cool ‘Water-like’ fresh feeling. So this is the technology from Japan which makes it so comfortable for use, as though never wear any sunblock at all!
Also, it is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Mix Citrus Essence ( Orange, Grapefruit and lemon) as moisturising ingredient to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

No coloant of the texture, as what I mentioned before, It would give you a cool and fresh feeling when you apply on your skin. 

My opinion after the application of the sun block: 

1. Non-sticky and non greasy, it spreads and absorbs by the skin easily.
2. I like the fresh and cooling system when applying onto my face. It is so comfortable for everyday use:
3. SPF 50+/PA +++ is awesome for me !! This is what i need for everyday use protection.

4.      It is not just a sun block which protect the skin fom the UV rays. It also help to moisture and hydrate the skin. No white residue after applying. No strong sunblock smell. Instead, it has a bit of lemon smell which I think is due to the Mix Citrus Essence.

Good eh? Faster grab it!!!! It is available at all leading pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons, cosmetics, and beauty retailers like Sasa, supermarkets & hypermarkets like Jusco, and even smaller drugstores. Priced at RM32.90 for 50ml. Really a bargain as this product is the No.1 brand in Japan and fully made in Japan.
OKAY. As promised, there will be GIVEAWAY CHANCE!

How to participate?
1.      You just need to share about your experience of using sunblock. Do you use sunblock? If yes, WHY? If no, WHY?

            Leave your answer in the comment box of this blog post.
3.      Biore Team will select 5 most interesting write up and these special 5 people will WIN a Biore UV Aqua   Rich Watery Essence 50ml each.
4.      Contest ends 14th May 2012
5.      Participants who do not win the 50ml will also get a mini Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence 15g sample!

So hurry up, what are you waiting for! J


YeiShyan said...

I dont use sunscreen before, but i do care my face and sometimes will go for facial treatment at beauty saloon. As we know, the treatment always comes with removing the acne and some dirt from pore, and so it actually brings some scar which need some time for healing. After a year time remain, i found out the scar will actually become a black spot and or maybe become the so-called mole after the sun burn without sunscreen. So, this is the reason which urge me to start using sunscreen to avoid any consequences of sun burn.

Jia Lei said...

I definitely use sunblock! It's important to find a non greasy sunblock so that it does not clog up your pores yet gives you protection against the harsh sun! I've been using sunblock since 16 years old as I get dark easily and my skin is very sensitive when I go under the sun for a long period of time. I also use sunblock to prevent the formation of sun spots.

Yun Lee said...

Yes. I use sunblock religiously!

Why should we use sunblock?
If you are going to be out in the Sun for a long time you need to wear a sunscreen or sunblock. These lotions contain chemicals that absorb certain harmful rays of the Sun (ultraviolet rays), keeping them from penetrating your skin. This protection is important because these rays can hurt you, causing painful sunburns that damage the tissues beneath the surface of your skin. Damaging your skin's deep elastic layer makes it look old and wrinkled a lot earlier than it should.

But the most important thing to avoid when you're out in the Sun is cell damage that causes skin cancer. Doctors have found that being in strong sunlight a lot (especially if you are fair) and having many sunburns-particularly when you are young-can cause real problems many years later. Skin cancers can develop and, when not treated quickly, spread to other parts of the body and be extremely dangerous. Because sunscreens can't protect you from all of the sun's harmful rays, it is also wise to use clothing, hats, and sunglasses to cover up when sunlight is strong. In addition, it is a good idea to limit outdoor activities between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the rays of the Sun are most intense.

xiaowen916 said...

I used sunblock BEFORE..i highlighted the BEFORE because i don't using it now.My face is terrible,my skin will dry sometime,but it till many oil on my face.I can't apply sunblock or even other moisturising product because it will make my face super oily and my friend even asked me why my face so oily,why don't me stop to use sunblock.I know that sunblock is very important,but i have to stop using it due to it make my face oily max.I will explore to the sun almost everyday when i go to campus or going out to buy foods,so i got freckle on my face now.Gosh...i know that Biore innovated UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence that fulfill my needs but i not dare to buy it ,due to i do not have good experience with sunblock before,so i participate in this "contest" so that i can get to try before i decide to buy it.I like the Biore make up remover that Sharon's blog got giveaway the sample also,i like that,so i believe Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence can give me a good experience also. I really hope that there is a product that really can solve my problem then i will not scare the sun keep hurting my face again.Thanks to Biore that giving me another chance to solve the problem that seem like do not have any solution to solve it.

Huiyi said...

Yes,I used to apply sunscreen to my face,neck and body where ever that exposed to UV rays.

Why i started to use sunscreen?It is because of my active co-curricular activities.I have to meet the 'lovely' sunlight whenever i have meeting and marching!And this made me feel that i cannot go for meeting and marching without my sunscreen.Why?It is because i'm ANTI BLACK SPOTS,AGING SKIN as well as SKIN CANCER!!!

Chooi Yueng said...

I have only incorporated sunscreen into my skin are regime recently, after leaving a receipt in the car for an hour. I went back and to my horror the entire receipt was burnt! It wasn't on fire but the whole thing was black! Imagine if one hour of direct sunlight could do that to a piece of paper, what about our skin?!! I hurried to the nearest pharmacy and grabbed a bottle of sunscreen and I never looked back ever since.

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Liswe Lim said...

Do you use sunblock?
If yes, WHY?
I am in my early twenties this year and I realized one or two black spots slowly appearing on the surface of my face.(I couldn't be bothered about my face previously as I was involved in various type of school activities)
Later on I went to my doctor for advise and he advise me to use sunblock to reduce the black spots.
As a student myself I am not willing to spend hundred of ringgit on this so called sunblock.After searching high and low for sunblocks I decided to go with Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse SPF50+ PA+++..
I find it to be rather affordable compared to other brands.
So far I have been using it for 2months and I found out that the black spots slowly disappearing from my face.
Therefore I would like to urge people out there to use sunblock as prevention is better than cure.As it will take some time for the black spots to fully disappear.

Cupcake Princess said...
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Aizuto-Chan said...

I do not use sunblock for my daily outing but i do use the cream that give have SPF~ but for a little while i stop using it because it build an oily surface on my face. even after i wipe it off, after a few hours the oily surface came up again. since then, i never use any cream or protection anymore but i maintain my moisture of my skin by doing facial and of cause including of scrub as it will remove the dead skin. this is how i take care of my skin after it expose to too much sunlight.

recently i got sunburn on my face and my hands due to fishing, how i cure it? everyday after i wash my face,i will apply baby lotions. why? this is because my skin is sensitive.

now i have the chance to try an awesome product to protect my skin =) thx!

Sherry said...

I do not use sunblock because I tried once it is very dry on my face, maybe it is not right one for me.

Cupcake Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cupcake Princess said...

I used to hate using sunblock because of the oily and heavy feeling it gives me on hot days, particularly during sports or swimming under the sun.

Besides, I really loathed the strong chemical cream smell. The only reason I forced myself to put on sunblock /sunscreen was to prevent myself from getting sunburnt or develop red peeling skin during outdoor activities. But how I loathed the smell on my face, skin and clothes every time! All of us stunk like skunks literally!(Imagine the smell of sunblock mixed with sweat!)

Well, all that was during my secondary and university times. Those were the days we put up with sunscreens which left white residues on your face and skin when you were in a hurry, stained your shirts if you were not careful and clogged your pores if left on too long!

Well, after those bad experiences, I tried putting off the use of sunblock ever since I started working(mainly because I felt that I am less exposed to the sun), but today I'm 24 and my beautician has started exclaiming about dark spots appearing over my face due to exposure of sun light, or even normal florescent lights in the office! And she told me the condition would get worse soon since our skin ages very fast!

So now I know, I need a good sunblock because of the following reasons:

1. Hot rays from the sun makes our skin dry up fast and produces wrinkles.

2. Too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer.

3. Say hello to the appearance of more dark spots if you're still lazy enough not to apply sun screen.

So I'm now on the search for the ultimate sunscreen that is:

a) Not too heavy and greasy on the face during daytime application.

b) Absorbs easily and leaves no white residue.

c) Does not have an overpowering smell.

Have heard many ravings about the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. Guess it's time to try it out!

YanaFazlyana said...

Hai Sharon.
I definitely use sunscreen before I apply my make-up on. I used Biore UV Perfect Face Milk. So awesome. My make-up last longer because this sunblock also act as make-up base. I have a large and many pores, but after I put this on my face the pores definitely smaller and does not clog my pores. Its also smooth my skin which is very good for my oily skin. I hope that I can try this new sunblock from Biore because its watery-essence that absolutely suitable for my oily skin !!

[J].[L] said...

Hi Sharon and the Biore team,

I do occasionally use sunscreen. Its when I go out to the beachside (you know, you want the sun but don't wanna get burnt!), or even sometimes when I go out for occasions that require me to walk outdoors. Haha! My sunscreen "evolved" from "Banana boat" SPF 30 to the current BB Cream which is whitening, antiwrinkle etc, and most importantly SPF 50!!

I wish to win the prize because I can try it out myself and have beautiful skin! As quoted by Angelina Jolie, "The sun is the biggest culprit of agin skin and wrinkles. Hence when I go out I slap lots of sunscreen on my kids face and body!"

Kaye Kahay said...

Yes. I have use sunblock. It is because:
1) I get dark easily.
2) To prevent the formation of sun spots / black spot.
3) To avoid when I am out in the Sun is cell damage that causes skin cancer.
4) I am anti aging skin.
So, sunblock is useful and a good thing to people. No matter is guy or lady. Actually a sunblock is suitable form primary school student above as long as he / she is always under the hot sun.

Anonymous said...

I use sunblock as it absorbs UVA and UVB rays which are dangerous to cause skin cancer. It prevents the penetration of the rays into my skin layers and thus reduces my risk of having skin cancer. Besides that, I use sunblock as I really scare of the formation of dark spots on my face. I am a girl who likes outdoor activities such as swimming. Long term of exposure will cause dark spot. Hence, sunblock must be used before stepping out of my room. =)

Lee Yen Sze said...

I use sunblock as it absorbs UVA and UVB rays which are dangerous to cause skin cancer. It prevents the penetration of the rays into my skin layers and thus reduces my risk of having skin cancer. Besides that, I use sunblock as I really scare of the formation of dark spots on my face. I am a girl who likes outdoor activities such as swimming. Long term of exposure will cause dark spot. Hence, sunblock must be used before stepping out of my room. =)

Koh Pei Chen said...

I do not use sunblock as I am still finding the product which is suitable for my skin type. My skin is sensitive and it could not stand greasy or oily products such as sunblock or even the moisturizing lotion. I have tried several brands of sunblock before this. However, there is not any sunblock which is suitable for me and sometimes the product may cause itchiness. Therefore, I would like to get Free Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence so that I can try before purchasing it. And hopefully I will get the sunblock which is suitable for me! <3

thisisaina said...

I just started to use it this year maybe after my mommy told me that I was getting darker and darker . I usually go under the sun for a quite long time for my school activities . Plus , some people told me that if you are to exposed to the rays , you can have aging in a young age . Who want it ? No women want that ! . Plus the skin cancer might come as well .

Soon Siew said...

Sunblock is never be forgotten to be applied on my face as I am already not young. In other words, I am old already. Haha! I use sunblock for its function of anti aging. The UV rays of sunlight damage our skin layer and cause wrinkles. I am really aware of the formation of wrinkles on my face as wrinkles indicate our age. Therefore, sunblock must be applied to avoid my skin from getting and looking older.

Jen Tzen said...

Yes! I use sunblock! Sunblock must be used as it protect us from the UV rays of sunlight. The UV rays are very harmful to our skin. Therefore, sunblock must be applied to avoid incidents such as skin cancer. Other than that, I use sunblock as it prevents the formation of dark spots. XD

THIAM HENG said...

Nope! definitely not. I tried few sunblock products before this but the outcome is my face became oily and itchy after I applied. I really do not like the stickiness felt after applying the sunblock as it is really uncomfortable. Is there any sunblock product which is non greasy?

Magnetesia said...

I use sunblock everyday ☼ I currently using Biore UV Perfect Face Milk ! It's just perfect with non greasy texture and it's sebum controlling properties. Great for oily and acne skin like me ♥ One of the many reasons to use a sunblock is that,it helps prevent premature aging and sunburns. If you want to look fair and young for along time. ♦Sunblock is a must have item in skincare routine~!♦

Melody said...

I use sunblock, but not often, only use while I'm at the beach, swimming pool, or outdoor activities. I know it's so important to make it a habit, to use sunblock daily to protect our skin, but in the market is really hard to find good sunblock which is less oily, less sticky and last long. After looking into many good reviews about this Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence and also it's best seller global, I'll love to have a try on this product. Look forward to Biore for keeping up good work on producing good products. :)

Aby Teo said...

I never use sunblock before. I do have emulsion that contained SPF 15, is that consider a sunblock? I do know that UV rays hurt our skin so much and I am concern about it too. But seeing many comments and products, I cannot decide which brand of sunblock is effective and quality product.I hope to have a sunblock that do not need to be remove using make up remover or cleansing milk.I am more to skincare base sunblock than make up base...I don't even know is this kind of sunblock exist? I spend more time indoor but I remember my friend once told me we need to apply sunblock too even though we are in-door! Is that true? >< Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence seem to be interesting. The "Water-like" and "Mix Citrus Essence" is attracting me.(: hope it is a good and recommend product for beginner.

juli1202 said...

Yes! Sunblock is a must for me. I just can't live without it! I've had these freckles since I was young simply because they were inherited from my mother's family. Thus living in a humid and hot country like Malaysia may just help cause my freckles become darker. So, I had started using sunscreen everyday since I am in my primary school. Well, regardless of your age, applying sunscreen each day is a good practice that will benefit you in the long run and may reduce skin damage.

Alia Farhani said...

Hmm, officially now I don't wear any sunblock.

But before this I did wore it. For me, I want to use a sunblock that gives me a full protection for my face. Nowadays, people talk about the effect of ultraviolet rays. Wherever I go, they talk about sunblock, makeup and so on. Talking about which is gives the best protection ever.All my friends asked me to use sunblock as they said that I had sunburn and dark spots on my face. Personally, I think I need to start using sunblock again as I my face now in a critical condition. I hope I can try this biore UV aqua rich watery essence first before I choose any other sunblock

Jade Ooi said...

As for me, I love being outdoor hence sunblock is a must for me. It can protect me from those harmful UV rays which eventually speed up skin’s aging process resulting in wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation.So sunblock is an essential product in my daily life.

daphny said...

Like most of the young pretty girls out there, I certainly would like to have fair and pretty skin especially on my face, because it is the most important part and most visible part for everyone. A fair and moistfull skin always appear only on pretty girl. And of course I want to be one of them. However, my experiences of trying with some other brand of sunblocks doesn't help me to achieve this dream and those experiences doesn't last long. The biggest enemy was the greasy and sticky feeling after applying those sunblock. It creates an oily look which just look like you can fry an egg on the face. Furthermore, some sunblock will clog up the pores and even leaving whitish cream residue on the face. And then here comes the problem of acne and scars. So I usually only manage to 'try' to apply the sunblock for several days and then eventually i fed up in the same cycle, although I know how important it is to protect our skin from UV. As my age increases, I also start to notice a few dark spots on my face. After all, I still hope there will be a non greasy and moisturizing sunblock with high SPF that could suit me.


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