Monday, May 28, 2012

Bangkok trip Day 1

Is the time to share about my fantastic Bangkok trip!!!!

Breakie at McDonald LCCT with no make up face, "you can't see me"

We departed on 8.30am, and reached Bkk around 11am. Thanks God, a very nice weather in Bangkok is waiting for us!!

When we reached the suvarnabhumi airport Bkk, the first thing was to do my 3G line in Bkk, I used the Dtac telecommunication company, where you can easily found on the left side at the airport,with a blue color kiosk. I subscribed for 4 days 3G line, it costs me about 45++, It is consider cheap for a heavy data user,  We used the suvarnabhumi airport rail link to reach our hotel which located in Ratchaprarop area. Bangkok is such a convenient country, with their fantastic public transport!!

If you are prefer the free and easy trip at Bkk, remember do more homework about their public transportation especially the Bangkok transit, actually not that hard to study all these things. what you need to do is writing down all the address of the places that you want to visit, and also your hotel address. First, trying to google it the map and search for the location.

We stay in a boutique hotel < Tango Vibrant Living Hotel>in Ratchaprarop road, is somewhere near the Pratunam area and also the opposite road of the Baiyoke sky hotel. I am very satisfied for this Hotel, because it is damn cheap+nice+convenient!! just awesome.

Sorry I totally forgot to capture the picture of my Hotel, but this picture I found on their website is the same with the room I stayed. Any information you can search from their website

Okay!! what is our next destination??? yes, is Chatuchak Market!! Before we went to Chatuchak market, one thing we need to do is MAKAN MAKAN!

BEEF NOODLE! This shop is located near to our hotel, is a very old and small shop, .omg..just so miss this food now.

Going to Chatuchak market using Bts line,self potraits first while waiting for the train
outfit of the day
orange top: Forever 21
jeans short: MNG
flip flop : FOrever 21
Red slim bag : Dorothy Perkin

At first, i thought that i will buy a lot of things at Chatuchak market, but end up with 2 hours shopping, and back hotel SLEPPING. Just because the weather is too hot and heat, and i just can't use to it. The only things i should give the compliment was the coconut ice cream! The MUST try desert at Chatuchak.

arhggggggg!!! I am so regret because I just ate one scope of the ice cream, because was though that it is a famous dessert in Bangkok that I can easily found in any area of Bangkok!!! I MISS IT A LOT!

Our night plan was seafood dinner at Chinatown BKK, also called as Yaowarat road.

This is the Chinatown in Bangkok, it is operate from 6pm onwards.Mostly peoples craving for seafood, chinese food, and some souverniers at Chinatown.

Pictures with delicious food.

The signature curry crab

 Grill shrimp

We ordered 5 dishes such as crabs, tom yam gong, vegetable, shrimps and fried rice; and it cost us only RM94. Cant believed that it is so cheap. T and K seafood just located along the Chinatown road, the owner of the business are Chinese, so some of the waiter would know how to speak Mandarin too.

This is the restaurant, and all the workers are wearing their signature green color uniform.

Just a short walking in the Chinatown, we back to our hotel and started to enjoy our first day of massage. The massage shop just nearby our hotel, the owners and the message therapist just so friendly , that is the reason I visited  the same massage shop everyday.

Okay, the end of the first part of Bangkok Trip, I miss a lot the place while I am writing this post..all the best memory came out on my mind...

Stay tune for my next post..

Good luck

Thank you

Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 spring summer MUST HAVE " DENIM"

丹宁可以说是春夏季一定要有的服饰!尤其是在2012春夏季,各大知名品牌都推出不同类似的丹宁布料服饰,比如说长/短外套, 丹宁裙,丹宁裤等等。

DENIM is the must have items for 2012 spring summer fashion trends. Various of denim stuff you could be found in different of clothing brands, such as denim jacket, denim top, denim shorts/pants and many more.

丹宁是一个非常特别的服饰,因为你可以任由你的创作发挥,mix n match 搭配不同的服饰,竟可以搭配出非常不同的效果。就像是牛仔帅气的打扮,中性个性风格,又或者是碎花浪漫的服饰,加上丹宁,就更加的有独特风格。
Denim is a very special items, because when you match it with different clothes, it will come out a very different style, on the other words, you can create a various of style just with DENIM.such as romantic flora look, street style chic look, boyish look and so on. 

First look I called it as Casual Denim Look
Denim jacket : Topshop
White singlet: forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Turquoise color flip flop: forever 21
Bag: banana taipei  

Feel bored of your cardigan/blazer? lets play with your denim jacket. Trying something light/warm tone color, especially my flip flop. Turquoise color flip flop bought ir from forever 21, it's look very casual, light tone colors very suitable during the spring summer trends .

Second look : Street style school look
Denim jacket: Topshop
Black long dress : brandless
Sneaker: Topshop

街头校园风,最适合年轻一族的打扮。我也称他为懒惰的搭配方法。为什么呢? 因为只要一个宽松舒服的长裙,加上丹宁外套就可以出门。我选择了帆布鞋,因为更加能突出学生街头潮流的风格。

The black long dress actually I wanted to throw it away, but lastly i keep it in my wardrobe in case I will use it one day!! I match it with my lovely denim jacket. This totally a very lazy outfit, and why i said so? because you no need to consider so much, LONG simple dress+ denim jacket!! TATS ALL!! Match it with a sneaker to create a young teenage street style school look!! YOU CAN BE FOREVER 21 YEARS OLD!!

HOPE everyone would like my sharing. For sure you guys can do more better than me , seriously I saw a lot of girls.guys look nice and trends with their Denim look In Malaysia now. So , keep going on!! 

Thanks you

Good Luck

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tang Spring Summer Fashion Show 2012

Checking my Iphone picture today, just realised that I forgot to blog about the Tang SS fashion show 2012. Is this what the drama call the lady who are approximately 30 years old as 初老症状。越靠近的事情越忘记,越以前的事越记得。 I think I have the symptoms already although I still in 23 years old.

okay, sharing the pretty fashion show again,  and this time is the Tang Spring Summer fashion show which held in One Utama Concourse area New Wing. I reached the place around 7pm, and there are already crowded by  alot of peoples. Luckily we still have a very nice table, and craving some drinks and foods that prepared by the sponsored company.

Outfit of the day, black simple dressie from Pull and Bear, luv this dress so much, it is simple, but sexy and elegant. suitable for all types of events, party and also the wedding dinner.

Tang SS fashion show 2012 were showing a lot of brands such as Polo,Superdry, Nike,N.Tyler, Island shop, Adidas, and many more.

Have a great time with the fashion show, it's really makes my day. luv it so muxxx!!
Well, thought of buying some stuff from Superdry after watching the fashion show, especially the hoodie , it's pretty nice, but at last I m not buying anything, because I need to control myself , and save money for Bangkok trip

camwhoring again! 

Hope you guys enjoy it^^

The End.

Good Luck

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Review : Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

Remember my previous post where I said I’ve found an awesome sunblock?
It is my honour to introduce to you today my new found love: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence!

Based on the previous blog post, I have shared about how cruel the UV rays are because they speed up aging process and that we need to apply sunblock everyday to protect our beauty from the sun. However, sunblock products are often sticky and oily so it’s very uncomfortable to use daily. L
Okay, let’s take a look at this product. It has SPF50+/PA+++ which is good for 1 day full day protection from UVA and UVB rays. However, take note to reapply if you have towel dried yourself after swimming or when wiping your sweat off your face.
It contains Aqua Micro Capsules which provides you with superior UV block yet with non sticky, non oily cool ‘Water-like’ fresh feeling. So this is the technology from Japan which makes it so comfortable for use, as though never wear any sunblock at all!
Also, it is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Mix Citrus Essence ( Orange, Grapefruit and lemon) as moisturising ingredient to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

No coloant of the texture, as what I mentioned before, It would give you a cool and fresh feeling when you apply on your skin. 

My opinion after the application of the sun block: 

1. Non-sticky and non greasy, it spreads and absorbs by the skin easily.
2. I like the fresh and cooling system when applying onto my face. It is so comfortable for everyday use:
3. SPF 50+/PA +++ is awesome for me !! This is what i need for everyday use protection.

4.      It is not just a sun block which protect the skin fom the UV rays. It also help to moisture and hydrate the skin. No white residue after applying. No strong sunblock smell. Instead, it has a bit of lemon smell which I think is due to the Mix Citrus Essence.

Good eh? Faster grab it!!!! It is available at all leading pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons, cosmetics, and beauty retailers like Sasa, supermarkets & hypermarkets like Jusco, and even smaller drugstores. Priced at RM32.90 for 50ml. Really a bargain as this product is the No.1 brand in Japan and fully made in Japan.
OKAY. As promised, there will be GIVEAWAY CHANCE!

How to participate?
1.      You just need to share about your experience of using sunblock. Do you use sunblock? If yes, WHY? If no, WHY?

            Leave your answer in the comment box of this blog post.
3.      Biore Team will select 5 most interesting write up and these special 5 people will WIN a Biore UV Aqua   Rich Watery Essence 50ml each.
4.      Contest ends 14th May 2012
5.      Participants who do not win the 50ml will also get a mini Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence 15g sample!

So hurry up, what are you waiting for! J


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