Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Topshop Spring Summer Fashion Show 2012

I am totally forgot about this event..since at first i am so excited to blog about this things...

haha.,ok, once again thanks to Topshop to have such awesome fashion show..

I am damn happy when i knew that i have the chance to go for the fashion show...all my readers would know that one of my favorite brand was Topshop. So, this really drive me crazeeeeeeee..

seriously..I received the invitation just 2 days before the fashion it's actually quite rush for me because I didn't bring any nice stuff and clothes from my hometown..So, nothing special for my outfit on that day..a purple bohemian style long dress was my choices.

The fashion show located at zebra square, first time went there. I reached there around 7pm, and the place were already crowded by a lot of peoples..

Bring one of my pretty friend Chloe went to the fashion show. Heineken is one of the sponsored company for this fashion show; so for sure all the Heineken drinks are FREE!!!

Captured a lot of nice pictures during the fashion show. We are waiting about one hour for the fashion show..because there is some singing performances before the show..but actually I can't wait for the fashion show...not the performance...sorry..

Spring summer was the color season for Topshop, a lot of nice fashionable stuff such as flora dress, colorful and bling bling clothes, hot pants, denim...all the stuff i love so muxxxxx!!!! seriously damn addicted to their design...

I am enjoying so much for this fashion show..really hope that I still have the chance to watch the fashion show again...something feel bad to us that because we don't really have the time to doll up and dress up ourself for this fashion show..But this going a very nice memories to us~

For more information about Topshop, please log on through their Topshop Malaysia website.

End of this blog.

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