Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring summer 2012 trend outfit with floral print

This is all about spring summer trend now..although in Malaysia there is no 4 seasons. with spring, summer, fall, and winter. Perhaps, we also can create our look withthe latest trendy clothes, and stuff  in Malaysia. Spring summer trend is the best suitable trend in Malaysia, as you know Malaysia's weather are HOTXXXXXX EVERYDAY.

The spring summer you will find yourself with soft, natural, floral print, lighten color tone, and even the neon color. I am sure that you would have a few of the floral print clothes and stuff in your wardrobe. Floral pint trend has dominated most Spring /Summer 2012 runway, change and twice to you wardrobe, you can have a brand new look for this seasons..

Floral print singlet : Forever 21
black skirt : Pull n Bear

A lot of prettiesssss, would be scared of wearing the floral print clothes. This is actually depends on how brave you are and how you wear it or match it. Not necessary you have to imitate like how the model wears in the runway.  I wear a floral print singlet, with a little bit design on the fabrics, with a black tight skirt. Not too over, or too flowery that it's acceptable by most of the girls. Black and white fashion are still trend on this Spring Summer, but it is not the main character for your outfit. You can match it with your latest trendy stuff, as you would not wrong with the traditional back/ white color!!!.

The End

Good luck^^


Winda Tiodang said...
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a_x said...

Beautiful..pattern of the dress!



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