Thursday, March 15, 2012

Street style sweater X shirt

The mix n match between the sweater and shirt is my favorite style recently, because it is look young, genetic and fashionable. This is quite interesting because you can mix it with variety of staffy.

Black long sweater with Grid shirt.
Black long sweater from Zara
Grid shirt from Beshka
Short(hide) from Cotton On
Socks from Topshop
Shoes from Forever 21

Actually my shorts was hide from the black sweater, don't think i m not wearing anything inside, haha, since the material of the sweater quite thin.

Wanted to create some English street style, oxford shoes would be my choices. My oxford shoes is so high profile in my blog, because it can be matched with a lot of styles.

The combination between the sweater and the shirt is so trendy nowadays, be creative of the outfit. This style totally can create a very fun, and young feeling street style look. 

The End.

Good luck


Nava Krishnan said...

The black sweater is so versatile and can be matched with almost any other type of clothes. Going perfect now that its raining almost everyday.

Nath said...

love your socks so much <3

Shanny said...

I like the sweater!!

BrogMe said...


Sharon said...

thanks all the coment^^

Leeza said...

Hi, check our oxford shoes collection here


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