Thursday, March 29, 2012


Malaysia weather is so sunny and hot!!!! Seriously…All my dear readers would know that, I am Malaccan, and study my degree in Kl…
Almost every weekend I need to drive to and fro between Kuala Lumpur and Malacca….
Kuala Lumpur is hot, Malacca is super blazing hot!

I am a sun-lover…but I hate the sun-burn…and I hate the UV rays….
Everytime when I going out….driving….i need to cover myself like a mummy….sun-glasses and  long sleeve jacket is the MUST!! so that can keep my arms from becoming sunburnt and become red like a lobster

But do you know that even if I wear this jacket over my arms and SUNGLASSES cover MY FACE…the UV rays can still pass through it? Even if my car is tinted, it does not block off the UV rays entirely! UV rays are always attacking us!
And do you know, UV rays not only give you sunburn, they actually make you age faster. UV rays will damage skin’s collagen causing wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, freckles, saggy skin … So scary!

What can I do to avoid these harmful UV rays? Apply sunblock with at least SPF 50+ everyday! But sunblock is very sticky and oily right? Plus sunblock has one kind of smell. . Not nice …
NOT REALLY! I have found an awesome sunblock!

“LOVE” sunblock on my face. It’s going to be in Malaysia very soon.  Want to know more? Product review coming up! I got free samples to give too! Wheeee!

Stay tune...

The end


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