Thursday, March 29, 2012


Malaysia weather is so sunny and hot!!!! Seriously…All my dear readers would know that, I am Malaccan, and study my degree in Kl…
Almost every weekend I need to drive to and fro between Kuala Lumpur and Malacca….
Kuala Lumpur is hot, Malacca is super blazing hot!

I am a sun-lover…but I hate the sun-burn…and I hate the UV rays….
Everytime when I going out….driving….i need to cover myself like a mummy….sun-glasses and  long sleeve jacket is the MUST!! so that can keep my arms from becoming sunburnt and become red like a lobster

But do you know that even if I wear this jacket over my arms and SUNGLASSES cover MY FACE…the UV rays can still pass through it? Even if my car is tinted, it does not block off the UV rays entirely! UV rays are always attacking us!
And do you know, UV rays not only give you sunburn, they actually make you age faster. UV rays will damage skin’s collagen causing wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, freckles, saggy skin … So scary!

What can I do to avoid these harmful UV rays? Apply sunblock with at least SPF 50+ everyday! But sunblock is very sticky and oily right? Plus sunblock has one kind of smell. . Not nice …
NOT REALLY! I have found an awesome sunblock!

“LOVE” sunblock on my face. It’s going to be in Malaysia very soon.  Want to know more? Product review coming up! I got free samples to give too! Wheeee!

Stay tune...

The end

Sunday, March 25, 2012

大追捕 首映礼 Nightfall premier screening

这套戏说本人真的很期待, 因为第一他的宣传手法,真的很新鲜!!

这套戏在香港的宣传手法,就是把一个通缉人士的notice粘在各大街上。 就是以上这一章。

对不起,这次真的没有拍一些漂亮的照片,因为我是累坏了!!!看首映礼当天正好半个天我都在忙event, 到了晚上回家冲凉还没有休息就赶去首映礼。 真怕自己会在戏院里睡着。

整体来说,这套戏还算不错,故事蛮新鲜,有让我觉得有些的不同。因为我本以为这是一部简单的警察追囚犯。可是故事却很有含义。 看了过后真的会有点EMO...




Thursday, March 15, 2012

Street style sweater X shirt

The mix n match between the sweater and shirt is my favorite style recently, because it is look young, genetic and fashionable. This is quite interesting because you can mix it with variety of staffy.

Black long sweater with Grid shirt.
Black long sweater from Zara
Grid shirt from Beshka
Short(hide) from Cotton On
Socks from Topshop
Shoes from Forever 21

Actually my shorts was hide from the black sweater, don't think i m not wearing anything inside, haha, since the material of the sweater quite thin.

Wanted to create some English street style, oxford shoes would be my choices. My oxford shoes is so high profile in my blog, because it can be matched with a lot of styles.

The combination between the sweater and the shirt is so trendy nowadays, be creative of the outfit. This style totally can create a very fun, and young feeling street style look. 

The End.

Good luck


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