Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Casa Del Rio @ Malacca

this post gonna to share a new place/hotel/cafe in Malacca which is Casa Del Rio Hotel.

i juz realized that all the pictures i already captured about half year ago, but i totally forgot i went there before. haha. my brain is so old d

Casa Del Rio is a vintage heritage style boutique hotel, where located around the historical Malacca city near the Jonker Walk. There is such a very convenient and nice street ever, and so match v this hotel style.
Why I introduced this hotel?Nope, i m not introduced this Hotel actually, i would like to share about one of the cafe inside this hotel which called Bar Rio Cafe.

you can see their whole hotel concept was damn nice, something like Portuguese architectural style, i like it so so much, because it is SO MALACCA~~ and this cafe damn nice too, beside this cafe was the Malacca river, and the heritage road street. but ntg special for their drink actually, quite disappointed when i first drink their damn Awful!!!

well overall this is a very nice place to recommend to all the people including for those who r in Malacca. This is a very suitable place for girl hang out, or hightea. highly thumb up!!

anything information about this hotel, you may log on to theirwebsite

And last, i m going to share a video by Namewee 

Damn nice CNY song, just so like this~ damn funny until i cant stop laughing tat~ so enjoy this video ya~

End my blog

Good Luck to all my readers

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