Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gamila Secret

Here to introduce a cleansing bar to all my dear readers>>>>>>Gamila Secret<<<<<

I think some of the peoples would know about this cleansing bar, physically it's really look like a soap, firstly it give me a perception which a very dry condition onto my face when i used it. But I am wrong!! Gamila secret cleansing bar just like a magic bar,give you a moisture , hydrate but clean face.

Briefly talk about the Gamila. Gamila hiar was born in a village called Pekiin in the Galilee, she was inspired by her father, who expert on plants and an authority on medical herbs. So how it will comes to a cleansing bar??She discovered her talent on mixing the right herbs and create a new formulas with a nourishing effect. They are about 40 years used by Gamila to find out the most suitable herbs to do the cleansing bar , and finally here comes up the Gamila Secret cleansing bar with her secret recipe formula.

So how to use it??

activate the cleansing bar with warm water

if you are not sensitive skin, you can straightly massage your face with the cleansing bar. 

see it?? this magic cleansing bar not like the normal soap with a very dry condition, you'll feel a sticky moisture based when you massage it onto your face.

after massage your face about one minutes, wash it with cold water. you will feel that your skin is very clean, but very moisture. 

hehehe, I felt more confident with my "naked" face. because normally I will apply at least a concealer or foundation to cover up my uneven skin tone. ( but i know i stll have serious dark eye circle...) hahaha~
People like me, who scared of using sin care product that make your skin more worst and dry, Gamila Secret definitely would be your best friend.

They are a lot of celebrities also the big fans of Gamila Secret Cleansing bar, But they are not endorse for the product ya^^

FInd out more about this product in their website
and also their fb

If you guys still confuse on how to use the product,
This video would helped you up!!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Biore Body Powder Wipes review

Haha, this time going to introduce a very useful stuff, and I personally think that it’s very important for us , especially we stay in a very hot weather country

Well, for girls and ladies, you must feel very ignored and hated so much for the hot weather. Because it will makes you sweating, your makeup melting , your body feel so sticky too. So, you must have this in your bag!! What is that??

Taaaa dahhhhhhh~~~

Biore body  powder wipes, a brand new product from Japan, that give you instantly refresh, and remove all the odor, perspiration, stickiness with just one wipe.
This product comes with two types, Fresh Soup Fragrance, and Fresh Citrus Fragrance.
I frequently used this product, especially under the hot sun. I having my class almost during the afternoon time. Sometime I would sweating after a long walk(under the hot sun) to my class. So, I will use Biore body powder wipes to remove the stickiness feeling in my body.

Ish….hated it….i hate so much the hot weather!!!!!It’s totally spoil my shopping and dating mood!!! I

Biore Body Powder Wipe Technology

Okay, what the unique and benefit of this product? Unlike the other wet tissue, after you wipes into your body, you will feel the wet texture, and it will become sticky after it dry.
Current wet sheets in the market are used for basic cleaning, there are no special product features .
But only Biore can bring two functional benefits in one time, which are wipes sweat off well and leaves powder on skin.

 SO, faster grab one for yourself!! You can now buy it in any Watson Store in Malaysia!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Bee Publika

Well, chill out with my buddy is one of my "hobby" in the leisure time. This time, i bring my dear buddy Kelson went to The Bee restaurant which located in Solaris Publika. I just realized there is another branch at Jaya 99 Petaling Jaya, but according to others blogger said that the environment in Publika is better than Jaya 99, so i think i choose the right place for my lunch.

The bee serves nice western food, burger, sandwiches, quality coffee, and dessert. As what their theme of the restaurant as neighbourhood hang out, the interior design and the whole atmosphere is so match with their theme. especially their furniture, woody style match with some greenly to create an art and unique atmosphere.

a lil country style look, DIY flower vase with Heineken botol.

Picture first before eating^^ haha~ me and my buddy Kelson. Picture edited using Boheful software from Iphone application.

cosy atmosphere all around us, since it is weekdays, and doesn't have crowded customers at that time. Al the pictures taken was edited by different application in my phone, i love it so much, because the effect is really brings out the feeling of the restaurant.

we both ordered the lunch set, a spaghetti and a fresh lemonade juice. The spaghetti aglio olio quite nice, a lil bit spice herbs and the best aroma of  olive oil. 

apple crumble as the dessert^^ the combination with the cold vanilla ice-cream and hot crispy cookies and apple is the best ever!!!! luv it so much. 

 give him a nice edited picture!! hahaha~ i am so satisfied for my edited picture. so nice and stylish!! It's just like in other western country , having our enjoyable lunch^^

What's my comment about this restaurant?? erm...overall is pretty nice, similar as my expectation,  the food and dessert r average good for me. Would be better to hang out with a group of friends, and enjoy with the variety of  foods. You can also trying others stuff such as burger, vegetarian food, hot dogs and so on..At first I though to order their lunch set with the signature burger, but i was passed by the Fatboy Burger before i entered The Bee restaurant. So my heart was so into the Fatboy burger rather than The Bee one, so i think i should try for Fatboy Burger for the next time.

36B, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas.
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, KL
Mon - Thurs 9am-12am
Fri 9am-1am
Sat 10am-1am
Sun 10am-10pm
Tel: 016-6736142

Okay, The end here^^

Good Luck to all my readers 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Riverine Coffeehouse

Riverine coffeehouse is located near Jonker Walk Malacca, is an old style nyonya house and renovated into a coffeeshouse~ Malacca actually got a lot of this kind of cafe/coffeehouse, they usually featured with the heritage , vintage and nyonya house concept, as this is also the unique of our Malacca too~

Riverine coffeehouse serving nyonya cuisine, but i haven't try their foods since i just went there for drinks only. But overall quite nice, because i love vintage environment, plus they do have the outdoor sit which is besides the Malacca river. Besides that, this place not very noisy and pack of peoples, so is a suitable place for chatting, or relaxing .

drinking besides the Malacca river~ 

 the interior environment~ the overall feeling of the interior design is like old style nyonya house, very clean~ although the house look like very old~ I will prefer to sit the outdoor sit, but there have the mosquitoes problems when you sit besides the river...


Location108 Lorong Hang Jebat , 75200 Malacca Town

Mon - Wed:12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Fri - Sun:12:00 pm-10:00 pm

Contact Info

Phone012-6018764 ( Gary Ng )

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winner list : Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

Once again , thanks to all the peoples who participated in the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence giveaway contest:

This is the top 5 winners :
1.  Cupcake Princess
2.       [J].[L]
3.       Melody
4.       Jade Ooi
5.       YanaFazlyana

Please kindly email me your Name, address and Hp number, because Kao Company would be given the the sunblock to you. 
my email address :

Don't forget for all the readers who have participated and leave a comment on my review also have the chance to get the 15g of sunblock samples. So remember to email your personal detail too^^
Please refer to this blog post^^ Thanks you

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bangkok trip last post

The third day in Bangkok is little tired for us...because we used too much of energy shopping, buying, and walking for the past two days...Don't know what's the ideal come from...we decided walking to Platinum Mall, and Siam Area from our hotel...It's still okay walking to Platinum Mall..but sorry not for second time walking to Siam Paragon......I am so tired of it..seriously..

Outfit of the day~ all from Bangkok..Naraya bag, Forever 21 top, shorts and flip flop..

and also the studded accessories from Forever 21.

Platinum Mall is very suitable for those who want to find for cheap stuff, the place is similar like Sg Wang. Inside have a lots of shops, but you will get cheaper price/ wholesale price if you buy more pieces/ color/ size.

After that, we walking to Siam Area, first destination was Siam Paragon. Having our lunch in MOS Burger.

We ordered the pork burger. You can easily find pork dishes anywhere in Thailand, it is different in Malaysia. 

After that we just walking around the Siam Paragon, Siam center, and Siam street. Siam area is very big, is bigger and mess than my expectation, so if you guys plan to shop in Siam Area, I will recommend to use one day hang around in Siam Area. So, you no need so rush on time for your next destination.

After that we going to Madame Tussauds at Siam Discovery.Remember, try to buy the ticket through online, because it is cheaper than you buy on the spot. It's cost only RM40 per person.

took a lot of picture in Madame Tussauds Mussuem. But impossible to upload all the pictures in the blog. but you can view the other picture in my fb page.

What's the activities during night? I am so lucky one, because we explored there is a night market just nearby our hotel..seriously, Bangkok street food is my favourite, is the best food ever.Thai localised food is the BEST EVER.

This fish ball kueh tiew soup

this similar with our maggie goreng but is nicer than maggie goreng!!

Banana roti canai

Bbq Pork/chicken ( very very very nice)

U must try the bbq sotong!! Especially their sauces!!!

 We ate alot of foods that night, and we finished our day 3 in Bangkok with herbal body massage. 

The last day in Bangkok, since our flight is 8pm++, so we still have a lot of time in Bangkok, so we followed the half day tour to the Saduak floating market. Quite interesting to there, because first time see peoples doing business all over the river..

Okay, finished my long long Bangkok post. Bangkok is really a nice place, everything is cheap, nice food, nice shopping mall, nice massage. I miss there alot now..and sure will back to Bangkok again very very soon~~

Bangkok street^^

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and do remember to "follow" my blog 

Good Luck 

Stay Tune

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bangkok Trip Day 2

Day 2 in Bangkok, is full of excited and happy, because I have planned a few of fascinating places for visiting.

Doll up myself for a better day^^

outfit of the day
Top: Topshop
shorts: MNG
Turquoise flipflop: forever 21
slim bag : Dorothy Perkin
hairban : Msphosis

actually not much of changes for my outfit, because definitely I wont wear a high heel for shopping and walking. For a relax vacation, flip-flop is my best choices.  

After having our breakfast in Hotel, we went to Erawan Shrine , it also known as Four Face Buddha.

At first, we planned to take Bts train to the destination, but after considered it and asked the rate for texi driver, it is only 80baht, this is cheaper that we using train, as we need to change from city link train to bts train.

seriously the weather is very very hot..after praying the Four Face body is like bathing under the hot sun...sweating like nobody business..

After that, we went to the shopping centre which located just infront of Erawan Shrine, GAYSORN SHOPPING MALL. GAYSORN shopping mall selling a lot of branded stuff...we just hanging around for a while..and off to one of the biggest shopping centre in Bkk which is Central World.

Bangkok is a very convenient city, especially their shopping area are connected each other with a bridge. Central World is my favourite shopping mall in Bkk.

Happy shopping in Central World. Remember to take your tourist card in the information counter, you can use the card to do your VAT refund, and also the special discount prices for tourists..

We had our lunch in Nara Thai Restaurant in Central World.

Nara Restaurant is one of the Best Restaurant in Thailand. So, that why we will choose this restaurant for our lunch..

We ordered a grill pork and a tom yam gong with a rice. A very simple lunch for us, because since the weather is really hot, doesn't have the appetite to eat tons of food. Overall the foods are really nice, especially the tom yam gong, is not that spicy until you sweat a lot, and uncomfortable. The aroma is very nice, a bit of sour with a little bit of lemon grass smell. The grill pork is the best ever too, the meat is very tender when you chewed inside your mouth.

Continue our shopping fever after having our lunch. Time flies..its about evening..we went to the Big C supermarket which located infront of Central World. It's actually a super market like Tesco, we went there just for buying the maggie mee...hahaha

why I am so emo face?????

yes...actually was planning to have our dinner at Sirocco..but unluckily it was our plan, and go for our plan b..actually quite disappointed of that...

So what the plan b???

The famous Pratunam Chicken Rice..seriously I ate one big portion of chicken rice, add one more rice, and also one plate of can see that how deep is my love to this chicken rice..

The Pratunam Chicken Rice is located in Pratunam Area. You can easily found the restaurant just remember the worker's pink color uniform. Remember, there are two chicken rice restaurant in Pratunam Area, another shop with the workers are wearing the yellowgreen's uniform. What the information i got it from internet, blog, and book, most of the people will recommend this "PINK" chicken rice.

Off to another place which is Black Canyon Coffee that nearby our hotel, we saw a lot of branches of this cafe all around Bkk area, so we decided to have a try for their coffee.

I ordered their signature hot brewed coffee, I luv it so much. Thumb up!!!!!

Rest a while in the cafe, and after that went for the fantastic body oil massage. It's about the end of our day 2 in Bangkok. What a tired I come!!

Stay tune for the Bangkok Trip Day 3 ^^

The End
GOod lUcK^^


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