Friday, November 11, 2011

Hi Tea @ G Tower Kuala Lumpur

Waiting about one month , finally i have the free time hi tea @ G Tower hotel Kuala Lumpur.

We having our hi tea @ The lounge G floor,  with a simple space design, and two giant "CHILI" decoration at the center of the lobby.

the environment is very quiet with a lil sound of music. It is quite suitable for the people who wanted for a silent environment within their hi tea session. Honestly, is not suitable for me if I'm havin my hi tea with my girl friends, because of our voice and also we will laugh like nobody business...yea.seriously I'm not a soft spoken lady. But if I were alone, and I need to enjoy my time just ALONE, this would be the nice place for me.

How about the price? Erm, seriously it is not cheap, and probably you cant finish that 3 tier of dessert byyourself, you can share it within 2 to 3 peoples. And also I am using the best deals from milkadeal.. This is a past deal , so you can't find it more. But you can enjoy more exclusive deals from Milkadeal website coming soon. So do updated everyday to their website to get the latest best and cheapest deals.

This 3 tier of pastries and sandwiches are a lot to me and my hubby. Honestly It was damn nice especially the  sandwiches and something like small burgers. The pastries, cakes and sandwiches served each day are different, depending on the chef's discretion 

It's look huge than me...

enjoy your afternoon time with some relaxing music, a comfortable sofa, nice aroma of coffee and delicious dessert. Such a wonderful and enjoyable time u have.

and last, bought myself a new range of skin care product by Kiehl's. Hope that it is good than my expectation.

The End.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winner for the Biore Makeup Remover Eye & Lips Giveaway

The following are the winner for the Biore Makeup Remover Eye & Lips contest:

1. xiaowen916
4.Love care
6. sin yi
7.yee ling
8. wei yin
9. weikey
10.TGIF malaysia saw
12. ah cake
13. atira food
14. wendy
16. carol
17.mooi yan
18. hui
19. wenli
20. yee
21. aby teo
22. vivian
23. yenyen house
25. wendy yong
27. hhui
28. siew kim
29. BS

all the winner please send me your full name and your home address to my email Al the product will deliver to you soon~~

Thanks so much~~and conglatulation all~~


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