Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nadeje Cake House @ Malacca

OMG~..such a long time i didint write about food blog~ because recently doesn't have any special cafe/ restaurant or special food to introduce. But i do mentioned it before, i want to write about the famous layer cake from Nadeje Cafe in Malacca, and actually all the picture i already edited it, and save it in my document ABOUT HALF YEAR!!! seriously!! half year...but i always forgot to write this sorry about that,

If you are not from Malacca, or u never heard before this layer cake, or Nadeje cafe, OR  actually u heard itbefore, and you never try, or you don't know so much about the detail or any special of this cakes. This review would be a very tempting post to u.

What the special of this Nadeje cafe?

The Japan's thousand layer cake was opened in July 2005, actually around that time, they have not much people know about this cafe, and its not famous too( honestly),  because the cafe most of time are EMPTY from any customers...just so silent at the top of roof in Dataran Pahlawan where is one of the famous shopping center in Malacca...Before that, I like to visit there, because there have a nice and comfortable sofa, with no customers, quiet environment, and a very very nice cake. BUT NOW!!!! seriously its pack of A LOT OF PEOPLES!!!TOURIST!!!AND CUSTOMERS!! Even now i cant really have that opportunity to enjoy my cakes there..because its fully booked, and cake finished u can see how amazing they are..

First cake: The original Mile crepe ( MUST ORDER) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

This cake is the signature cake.. Home made custard cream with Tahitian Vanilla Beans mix with Fresh Cream. It would melt smoothly in your mouth… and you can see from the picture above..its really thousand layer..and u must eat finish the cake in between 10-15 minutes before it melted...

Second cake: Strawberry Chocolate

this is the combination of  strawberry, Chocolate crepe and White of fresh cream, not too sweet, and not too sour~ 

Third cake: Caramel cheese layer cake

The texture of the cake still the same, layering, cheesy and nice aroma~ but this flavor of mile crepe seems like too sweet to me, or maybe its because is caramel taste~

visit this website

to view their cakes.

I will recommend you to order any tea drink rather than coffee drink~ because the taste of the cake itself was already sweet and cheesy, if you match it with a coffee, the taste would like very weird..and sour.. so the TEA drink is the most recommended! 

overall of the cakes i love it so so much..but the other dishes like main course, or any appetizer food, still like okay okay only, not too special~ So when you come to Malacca, Nadeje Cafe is the MUST place to visit!!

They have two cafe in Malacca now, first one is the main cafe in Plaza Mahkota
Address / 地址 :
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM 4, Plazza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.
Phone / 电话 :
06-283 8750

Second in Dataran Pahlawan

Address / 地址 :
Lot No.UB051,052,&053,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall,
Jln Merdeka. 75000 Bandar Hilir Melaka.
Phone / 电话 :
06-284 3469

Business Hours

Pahlawan : 10.00am - 10.00pm ( Everyday Open ) 
Mahkota : 12.00pm - 10.00pm ( Monday Off 

This picture can proved that i saved this post's photo since  very very long time..coz my hair still in gold color~ haha

So , please remember to phone for reservation before you want to enjoy your time at there~ and if possible visit in weekday , because weekend definitely will full of the people... 

Ended my blog here.
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Thank you so much
(especially for those readers who will keep reading and continue visiting my blog, i appreciated it a lot..because all these support is the biggest power to motivate me and write the blog


Kian Fai said...

mille crepe nice :) hehe I get to enjoy some mille crepe in PJ too

meichi said...

nice nice mille crepe...giv me a piece...

Jael said...

It makes my mouth water by just looking at it. Looks so yummy.. ;P

Jael said...

It makes my mouth water by just looking at it. Looks so yummy.. ;P

Aimifiqa said...

waaa.i love layer cake. that was amaze. so many layer. yummmy~

applefish said...

this is what i want to try in malacca, but too bad, no time to go yet ><

Sharon said...

Jael, applefish: got chance u must try it
kian fai: i do try tat in pj but different cafe, but the taste was totally dofferent

Anonymous said...

Why not try Humble Beginnings available in KL and PJ?

You can visit

M1 Garand said...

Nice to see,nice to be curious to give it a try,but will never return for a second visit. More like crap cakes. The cafe is dirty as well,no thanks to the smokers.

W said...

Wow...looks delicious =)

Jesslyn Poh said...

Went there to try their cakes. Very disappointed. Nothing fantastic. Too creamy and in my opinion, too much hype about it. Felt like vomiting after eating them. Not to mention the atrocious customer service.


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