Saturday, June 11, 2011

SUPER 8 premier screening and SUPER FUN in KLCC

Wednesday was a boring day to me..woke up in the afternoon..feel lazy and lying on my bed like nobody business...

was wearing a hazel color lens ~bought from taiwan^^and match with my brownish eye make up^^ like it^^

I was so excited to watch Super 8 premier screening in KLCC,  we arrived there on 5pm , and it was raining cant take a nice picture wif KLCC view~ Now i juz realized that not much of cafe and restaurant  in KLCC, I don't want fast food..i don't want any expensive korean and japanese restaurant..I don't want food court....still have any special, but delicious food there??..our final decision were little tat time we are so hungry and need something local and spicy foods..

so messy hair^^

old old hubby



overall the food were quite nice~ we don't have the appetite to eat other country dishes , or western food. but jz want craving for local food! especially the spicy food^^haha~ I LIKE rojak the most~ but i prefer those who sell in pasar malam , and every time i bought the rojak must add more cili padi^^so SYOK!!

Okay, turn bek to my topic~ SUPER 8 movie was a funny, unstoppable imagination, action movie, and look so classic movie^^ haha~ do you all still remember a  movie trailers since this year, was showing a train crash with a car~ and there was a big explored~ and the trailers finished with the unstoppable beating of the train door~ And we are so curious what is the movie?? and what the hell is the movie talking about? YEAH!! THAT IS SUPER 8~ I juz want to say , you never know what is going on if u never watch this movie, and u must watch the movie until the end..and~~u will get the answer~

overall the movie quite nice~ and was very funny, coz the director use a group of young teenagers as the main features on this movie~  In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town was doing their movie shooting for their school project~ and accidentally saw a catastrophic train crash. But after the accident, the small town was happened a lot of incredible things~many household lost their electrical~ many dogs and peoples mysteriously disappear. 

The Kids See The Super 8 Mystery
 The kids in SUPER8 was absolutely steal the movie~ those have a great and unique character, I like the fat guy so much~ he was naturally look so funny wif his fatty face and tummy~ 
why i said this movie was look classic? "Super 8" feels like a movie that was made many years ago~ and tats true, the movie was talking about the story around 1970s ~ and all the plots, performance, their attire was shown in classic way too~

Do you feel that, until now i still don't want to talk about the story and synopsis of the movie? yeah!! I want to keep a mysterious feeling of this movie~ and I am not going to tel u all about the story~ coz u will noe after u watch it~haha^^

style of the day~ short length singlet from TOPSHOP, and high waist skirt from FOREVER 21.
SIMPLE AND CASUAL with a long length bag and flat. 

super duper happy on tat day~ i bought myself a new dressyy from ZARA^^ and I like it so much~

I didn't take the pic of the dress~ actually i plan to wear my nice dressy and capture a nice pic~, unfortunately I am sick now~ and i don't want just take it so simply~coz the dress was so nice~ So, I juz upload a photo which the taiwan's artist MAKIYO was wearing before^^ But I bought another color which something like orange red~ LIKE IT SO MUCH^^ I really like this type of dreesy^^ especially the cutting and design around the chest~

Going to Uniqlo and bought 4 different color of stocking to match wif my vans~

 gonna to end my post here^^


MondeDe Coey said...

love your skirt. :))

Sharon said...


Miss N said...

lol..I wish kampar has a cinema...i wanted to watch super 8. between.ur hair looks real sexy.

JΞMS£Ɲ said...


Sharon said...

miss n: wao~u stay in kampar?
jemsen: yes~very nice~

applefish said...

nice to meet you through Cari :)
looks like i need to watch super 8 after saw ur review on it :)

R u kl people?

Sharon said...

yup~ quite nice the movie~

nope, i m malacca ppl

applefish said...

oh,icic..nice to meet you!
Thought that you are KL people..hehe

domokun said...

love how u wear>< ehh can tell me wat brand the curler u use?nicee lea ur hair><

Why Sleep said...

Looks like a nice movie, will go see see.


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