Sunday, June 26, 2011

some additional rewards

I m enjoy my sems break now, bek to my hometown Malacca, felt so relax and lazy everyday~ sound good of tat, just like putting all the stress out of ur mind, and let it go and away from your life~ coz what you want just so simple and easy >>>>>rest and relax life<<<<<<< haha, everytime i talk to myself, i wana b a successful women in my work life ,i wan earn money as much as possible... bla bla bla...but suddenly i feel like wana change my target, i wan to b "少奶奶" in my future, wait my rich husband earn money let me to "wash" , hahahhaah...wat i do just hightea everyday, shopping wif a lot of luxury things and travel everywhere wif my family~~hahahhaa..okay, i noe i m dreaming again...come on!!! wake up!! hahaha

okay, share about something extra bonus in my life..FIRST " Dean List Party". I attended the dean list party in my college last month, first time in my life appeared this kind of "awards". hahaha, why i said so, coz i m not a "work hard" ppl, honestly I am a lazy bum..i like to burn midnite oil JUST during the exam result was okok oni during my primary and secondary school, bcoz of my lazy~ hahah~ wats surprised that i got a dean list last sems result...erm...if you asked what the secret to have a good result, my answer would be " No". i am bad in writing, i am bad in language, i am lousy in weird rite??

pics time wif my classmates.. 

wif my friends Kelson's mum, and Niclose's parents

I looked so mature and old tat day wif my office attire..hate it! 
style of the day : blouse from Zara( bought it wif so expensive price..but the quality are sucks), skirt from cotton on, high heels from charles and keith, bag from mango.

erm..such a nice experience to me..haha..mayb i should work hard for my comin sem.." I HOPE SO" , haha...

Next, i m gonna to share about Jolin Tsai Concert in Stadium Merdeka. 
Overall, its a good show, and Jolin really put alot of effort on it, as you know she is a " shero", she have a amazing dance and performance, she's like to challenge so many dangerous dance and cant wait for her performance in Malaysia.

prepared my spec and watched the concert!!!



the gap between the stage and the audience are so fuckin far! hey,what is going on??  the organizer, do you have a very critical and detail planning before you did this stage? its like in different world for those who bought the ticket below rm100, and for those who are affordable pay for rm500 a ticket? yes, they would get a " feng shui" sit!! 
So you should know why Jolin  said THAT audiences are unexpected dispassionate。Its because the gap between the stage and 
aUdience are so far, whatever Jolin have a good dance, nice 
and sexy body, special and awesome stage design, and 
nice edited remix sound, we cant really feel it!!!IN ADDITION,
STADIUM MERDEKA was an outdoor stadium, and its really look
Totally not make sense and unsatisfied the audience although her performance was great..just because the lousy area!!
You used half of the stadium for the concert, but why don't you switch the stage and fix to the half stadium area?? it 
would not happened such a big space and gap between tat? Do you know its looked so ugly? 
I know I am so angry bout tat, coz i tried to enjoy and make me high during the concert, just because of this blemish , 
its spoil my mood and deduct the marks!
I know its not a problem for those who pay for expensive ticket and have a nice sit, I am not jealous for that, coz i just want
to watch and listen for her concert, this is what i am so damn bad comment for this...

I hope she will come to Malaysia again , and open her concert again!!coz she's really an awesome artist!!

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ken said...

they call a graduation ceremony a "party"? that's cool :)

Qi Wen said...

wow, dean list? that's cool! :D

Ronaldmohoni said...

awesome... i like... said...

u are in dean list too?
walao ehhh! geng geng loh!

Sharon said...

ken: ya.
qiwen, yup..unexpected

Kelvin said...

Lol, arranging of seats - failed.


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