Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday present

This post imma want to blog about my belated birthday present..

I am so hapy now, coz i m enjoy-ing my sem break, as my exam was just finished.

when  i bek home, and opened my room's door, i juz realized that had one cutie box and a small card on my table, haha^^hubby gib me big surprise with YUME necklace ^^

haha, finally i got my "name" necklace, thanks so much my hubby^^ unexpected i get this present, coz this year's birthday i didn't received any present from him. because hubby said this necklace hav 2 wait for few weeks to get it. FINISH EXAM+ SURPRISE PRESENT = VERY VERY VERY HAPPY. haha!!

And the next present Brands Innershine and Loreal renewal lash serum, from my best friends, Elyn, Su hui, and Huey min. Thanks to u this "3 idiots", haha~ coz u guys are so sweet~~You guys will feel that it still okay, coz its not a very special n expensive present, but i so so so appreciate and like it so much. seriously^^ coz they are so know me and understand me. They noe what actually I want and need! I don't care how luxury the present, but you will so happy if your friend just bought the things that u want for so long time. coz everytime i juz ignored for these two stuff, even though i want it so hard!!haha~ thanks so much my dear friends.. 

Blog ended here..
Wish all my readers

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雯的点滴 said...

Know your blog from the chatbox of my blog..^^ the necklace from your boyfriend...necklace with name is quite nice,i hope to own one too..

Anonymous said...

April here!!! ur necklace so nice ! :D i oso want get own name necklace for long time ... but never go to make 1 for myself , and and and Happy belated birthday to you ya ... stay healthy,pretty & happy always ... ;)

Sharon said...

thanks all of yoU~ yaya~i like the necklace too~ but dont do too big size one~ it will look like wear a dog name tag~haha


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