Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wish Myself A Happy Birthday

Wish myself a happy bessday~~ YEAH!! tats right...

well, such a damn bad befffday month to me..I were emo and in a hot temper every day..many problems around me..and its non-stop appear and appear again.. from my friends..and myself oso..I don't know why I am so bad luck this month... I want to shout as loud as possible...i wan to cry oso...

I HOPE everything bad to me, and my family will be the END here... tats my wishes for my birthday oni...I want back my happy life..

BACK to my birthday celebration...A very simple celebration by my gangs with the cuties cupcakes

I KNOW all of you feel weird for the words there...BOMGEE stand for "BOMB GIGI". coz i wear my braces for 2 years times...and they laugh on my braces and rabbit teeth tats what the "BOMGEE" words comes out..

LASTLY, I hope may my dream comes true...I should be more braver!!! braver and braver!! coz I am a very soft hearted person...I easily to cry..and scared and worried for so many things god..plezz gain my brave!!!! I need a strong and brave heart!!! One more year was my final year...and I will graduate from my college and be the freshman and job-seeker soon...although I don't know which work are suitable for me.. confuse again....BUT I know I will get the answer and achieve to my target very soon...plezzz SHARON!! gain your confident NOW!!!!!

On Sunday, which my birthday boy fetch me went to Ampang Look Out Point to have a our dinner. OMG...such a long journey...its like from East to West..took us about 1hour more to arrive there..In addition, its was raining...i was so scared coz we are not familiar the road...OH GOSH....there is totally a hill....and the road are so girls..don't go there if you are alone or just wif your girl-friend..its more safety if you go there with your gangs or accompanies by your boy- friends..

Dear safety drive^^

Use a bout an hour journey was worth it..u see~ such a nice KL words can be described the view..I m in the top of the KL!! YEAHHHH!! haha..

such a small ppl, small things. small dust..a small ant we are ...peoples sometimes feel that they are the most powerful in this world..but actually human being are such a small things that you cant see it in the top of the hill..If really the coming of the end of the world....nothing for us to do anything to defends ..because we just a small things in this world...So..appreciate everything you have...


There was a few restaurants , at last we choose  Panorama to have our dinner. Panorama Restaurant is the newest restaurant in Look Out Point offering Middle Eastern and Western Cuisine, and giving diners the highest view of the Skyline in Look Out Point. However, honestly tats it ntg special for their dishes..quite disappointed of it..i should try the other restaurant on the next time..

Fried chicken chop ordered by my boy~

Grill chicken chop with black paper sauce

share some interesting story here..the manager of this restaurant was asking my boyfie is it I am his gf?? My boy said " yes". After that tat guy was smile and talked to my boyfie " You have a really nice girlfriend, you should take good care on her". My boy just smile to him..
after bek to our car, i felt curious why my boyfie just smile to him, my boyfie explained to me that ntg to be proud of he has a nice gf, coz  he feel so numb for the praised on me~HAHAHA

because of the scary thunder and raining, after an hour dinner, we decided to "run away". You just imagining that how scary the thunder just so near to u on the top of hill....hehe..

yes..its time for "Starker" time as its still early to us..was felt blur blur-ing after half pint of starker..yes, i m so bad in drinks...

Thats the end of my birthday blog..
The brand new year to me ..
22 years old..(but i still a little girl, nt yet a women..)
i wish all the best to me..


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Ronaldmohoni said...

happy birthday girl :)

maro^gal said...

happy birthday sharon !!


Happy birthday... :-)

phycrewz said...

hepi bufday.. look so beauty:)

Sharon said...

thanks for u guys wishes~~ appreciate a lot^^

jamie writes said...

blessed birthday! :D

【射手座のCheryl · 钰】 said...

Happy Belated Birthday ^^

Sharon said...

thankssssss keuuuuuuuuu sooooooo muchhhhhhh^^

• Stephanie • said...

Happy belated birthday! Lol,u should kick ur bf when he told u that there's nth to be proud of having a nice gf! :O

Sharon said...

haha~stephanie mayb u r rite~but he always like tat one~ no mind~haha

le sorelle said...

great photos! hope you had a wonderful birthday! those cupcakes looks so yummy!

sorelle in style


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