Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make my day with Fast 5 & Priest

One week more, i will sit for my final exam ...but i still in holiday mood everyday^^ I watched two movie recently, one is Fast 5, and the other one is Priest.

Its such a long distance from Damansara to Pavillion, and its took about 1 hour more to reach Pavillion.
Planned to go Levain for our hightea, but so bad, Levain was full by the customers on Sunday we just pass by there and went to Pavillion. I don't have any plan and thing to buy in Pavillion, juz want to search for any new staff, especially i would like to visit the Sephora in Starhill.

The design of the building was damn nice ! I though that I will have a good journey inside there, but actually NOT. Quite disappointed of it. The building look so grand and giant from their outlook, but inside there juz a simple and small space. In addition, I can't found "NARS" brand from there, everything is like a mess, and the dirty tester. Most of the cosmetic brand you can find it in the normal shopping center, so its nothing special at all.

As u all know i have my own DSLR, and honestly i hate to use DSLR coz its too big for me, and its not convenient to bring out too. Summore i very blur for the manual function, but tat day we capture a lot of the "funny", and interesting photo.

Picss under the sun wif our CHATIME^^

 semi transparent^^



haha~ I didn't do any Photoshop up there, we just play it through the DSLR. damn interesting^^

NICE pic wif my dear and my lovely friends Kelson in The Loaf, after tat we going to watch FAST 5 in GSC.

Fast 5 was awesome, a lot of funny and action movie within the 2 hours movie, is quite surprise it because i don't have put any expectation before i watch the movie.

The next thursday, we hang out again in Pavillion , I bought new panties from Topshop, and i luvvv it so much^^

 GIRLS like to collect panties^^ YESSSS~ i plan to buy more again, because its so cheap and cute^^. I hope that i wont gain my weight again..until i cant wear all my "S" size stuff..

outfit of the day, wear a very casual style and oso my cutiess vans^^while waiting for my Chatime again^^

lattice blouse from Dorothy Perkin, singlet from forever 21.vans and socks from Topshop.and my high waist shorts from brandless shop, ( rm25 oni, damn cheap).

Picss time when we are waiting for our Chatime, Thanks god , juz sbout 2, 3 ppl queue up there. Actually I like their roasted tea only,Thumb up for tat!!  The roasted tea aroma will full coverage inside our mouth.

After that follow by The Priest movie, erm..overall the story-line still okay, its shock me often in some of the scene.because the vampires are so scary, they just suddenly appeal like nobody business^^ But 3 of my frends was sleeping half of the movie, HAHA!!

To be informed that, I was invited to watch the premiere screening movie for Pirated Of The Caribbean on this Monday in Mid Valley. So SO AND so excited^^ stay tune for my blog ya

Haha, and last , show my Jolin Tsai concert in Stadium Merdeka on 11 June 2011. WAITING FOR YOUR GOOD SHOW^^

The End of my blog.
Sometime life will be up and down.
But life have to go on.
Keep going on.



Kian Fai said...

Fast5 / Priest and . . . JOLIN TSAI lol . . . anyways Fast 5 was great yo.

Did you miss the post Credit Scene? =P

Albert said...

fast 5 is just so damn good

Eivin ying said...

how u make the pic like this?? i wan it too!~~

Sharon said...

Kian fai: what u mean?
albert: yup, damn nice
eivin ying: u juz need to move urself when ur friend want to capture the pic

jamie writes said...

i love the Topshop footwear!! :D

Sharon said...


Chirstina said...

me too..just watch fast5 last week~~

Call me fish❤ said...

wao~~d panties are cute ~haha *shy

btw,i also watch both of d movie
damn NICE =]

我是kaka典家 said...

wow i like u shoot skill

Sharon said...

Christina, call me fish: haha~ nice movie~like ti so mucc

我是kaka典家 : thanks your compliment~~

Anonymous said...

April here again =)

Hahahha~ those photos really funny la~

And the jolin's concert !!! arrghhh!!! my idol!! =( so sad cant go to see la... haisss~
Nvm, ^^ just wait u post the photos at here let me see the concert lo ...

Sharon said...

yaya~juz wait for my blog ya~

thanks 4 ur support

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