Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HOMEMADE ^^ chicken bolognese pasta

haha~ it's time for my secret recipe ^^

this post i m going to share about one of my favorite dishes : Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti


  1. 1 package of spaghetti
  2. tomato 4-5 ( cut into cube)
  3. cili padi 4-7 ( depend how spicy you want)
  4. onion 3-4 ( cut into cube)
  5. 1 tin mushroom ( cut into small pieces)
  6. hotdog 2-3 (cut into small pieces)
  7. chicken ( cut into pieces)
  8.  Prego sauce 
  9. tomato sauce
This sauces serving for about 4-5 persons. Get ready all the  ingredients before you started cooking,

 First of all, melting the  butter over medium heat in a large frying pan 。Add chicken breasts and cook about3-5 minutes on each side.breaking the meat into small pieces .

After cooked the chicken, put it in a plate. 

The next step, you can use another frying pan, and cook the tomatoes, onion, hotdog , mushroom and don't forget to spice up your sauces with Cili Padi.

Add the chicken breast to the pan, reduce the heat to medium and continue to a simmer.

The next steps, pour in the Prego tomato sauce and add 2 prego jar water to the large pot.Stir in 1 tablespoon salt and the pasta and cook, stirring often, 

Meanwhile, put half of the maggie tomato sauce to the pot. Stirring the bolognese sauce . Taste the saurce first, Season with salt and pepper . After that,cooked sauces put it aside.

Take a more larger pot and add the water to cook the spaghetti, before that, put it some butter to the water.

Cooked the spaghetti about 15 minutes, and you can ready for serves!!

Finish my cooking^^


End the blog wif my funny face^^


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thanks you^^


Ed Mohamad said...

Wahhhh!!!! so delicious ahh Sharon...

jamie writes said...

makes me hungry! but it's lunch iime now... so i get to satisfy my appetite :P

Kendra Bing said...

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Kelly said...

Hmmm... It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

Sharon said...

yah~~taste nice too~~ try it one time^^

我是kaka典家 said...

hehe next time i teach u how to do pasta by more easy n more nice

Sharon said...


Ronaldmohoni said...

hmm, i want to cook tomorow.

NANCYXO said...

awww your eyes are so cute =]

ahJamJam said...

wao, simple and delicious dish! *slurrrrrrrrrp!

Sharon said...

Ronaldmohoni ,ahJamJam : yaya~ faster cook ba~

NANCYXO: thanks pretty~

ChampDog said...

So many steps...


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