Saturday, February 12, 2011

Segi University College Chinese New Year event 2011

This post i gonna to share about my college chinese new year event~

how the grand, and lively events wif all my mates~

this was the 1st time i involved in this events,although i studied in Segi about 2 years, but until now i juz know my college will held a chinese new year event every year~ so nice to hear that !!

we are wearing the chinese traditional cloths~ nice rite?

The chai shen ye v my dear~ so pity to this chai shen ye, have to wear the mascot v so damn hot weather~

Our programs schedule on the day start wif the performance by my frends rose, and lavendar~ singing the chinese new year song, follow by the dancing performance~
The most important highlight on the event was the lion dance show !!!woohoo~~

wao~~so many firecracker!!! huat ah!!!

kissing this lion dance!

so joyful our chinese new year event rite?  i m so lazy to upload all the pic coz its about hundred u can view it through my fb~
Thanks to all the member of chinese culture society who work on tat day~u guys r so roxxxx!!!


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