Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My transformation

Why this post i write a title as " my transformation"?

haha~i need to share with u all about my "pretty" experience with my "braces"~

I did my braces since 2-3 years ago when I am in lower 6 after consider for so long~~~~time…………

its because everyone told me that braces was very pain, u need to "cabut gigi"!!!damn to listen that~ In addition, every month you need to have your dental appointment to check your braces and tighten up your braces, its feel trouble rite?? tats y the reason i scared off~ 
But finally i make a very good decision and do my braces~ I m not regret to become a “steel teeth girl" about 3 years, even i scared to smile loudly when i am talked with my friends and show my "steel teeth" when captured the photo~ 
i transform from a puffy face to a very slim face~hahaha~ braces will change your face shape exactly!!! its gain your beauty and confident as well!!

Finally ~~finally~~and finally~~waiting ~~WAITING ~~AND waiTING ~~~

The days was coming~~the day which i need to take out my braces~~

before that~i was like so exhausted and can't wait to take out my braces...

but...when the days comin....i feel so sad and not willing to take out my braces..

Oh~~my braces, u accompany me a lot in this 3 years time!!!u r my best friends~~

terrible photo!! what they doing now?? erm, actually they did a small steel retainer inside my teeth to stabilize my teeth after took out the braces~

haha!! see!! i am so exaggeration~

well~after took out my braces~ i feel more confident when i smiled~forget of my "rabbit teeth". and thanks to my "beauty teeth". i am so appreciate that~

thanks to my lovely mummy~she sponsored   me about rm3500 to do my braces~

dont  think that its wont to do anything to take care the NEW teeth~ i have to wear retainer everyday to stabilize my teeth~

HAHA~~this is my "DENTURE" la~~This is the retainer i have to wear everyday~~its feel so uncomfortable on the first few days~ because you will feel the plastic things cover your teeth , and it is very tight!!!



For those who wear braces now, must remember to wear retainer after u take out ur braces, its very important because retainer help to stabilize your teeth! if not, your teeth will slowly deform~

For those who still consider and scared  to do braces~ Please, don't think too much !! just go and make your dental appointment!! your beauty future juz infront your steps!! 

Finally~ thanks to u all for visiting my blog~Take k ur teeth!!!dun "bogel” juz regret that u never take k ur teeth!!!

Finish my blog wif my "rabbit teeth " photo!!

hahahaha~don't shock that.......


Dorlyne said...


$h@RON 大小姐 said...


irene said...


$h@RON 大小姐 said...


Nicholas BOY BOY~ said...
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Hilda Milda™ said...

wow that is really a transformation! who helped to take yr photo while you're at the dentist? :O

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wow! really big transformation whey ! =D good . =D

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

hilda hilda: haha~pretty~i take myself la~so busy hoh~

jayren: yup~i appreciate it~

HocanLai said...

O.O 十八变?

~Snowman~ said...

woah! so pretty after u took off ur braces! =)

xing said...

very beautiful eh your after picture.

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

hocanlai: haha~可以这样说啊~

snowman: 谢谢你的称赞哦~

xing: thanks you so so much ya~

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Hey I wanna tie my teeth too,soon,I think so. Is it painful? Reply me in my chatbox or whatever can? Wanna know eagerly ><

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Btw,u look pretty ^^

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

it juz will pain one the first week, after tat wont d~thankss ur compliment~~~

Adrian said...

WAHHH!cannot believe my eyes LOL

domokun said...

waa..curly hair suits u i hav braces but i still have rabbit teeth after taking it out><lol urs perfect XD

NICOLE. said...

Wow that's pretty cool! I've always wanted braces even though my teeth are quite straight... :/ i just think it's cool! Heheheh ^^

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

adrian: haha~i like to scared ppl wif my terrible photo~hehe

domukun: is it? haha, i will c my mood and curl my hair. erm, my teeth stil have a bit rabbit teeth , but i think is ok d~hehe

nicole: huhu, aiyo, quite straight y stil wan to do braces~~

Melvino said...

Best transformation ever..haha better than those tv shows :)

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

Really?????Hahaha....thanks xD

meichi said...

shout-ed in ur shout box..looking pretty aftr te transformation... ♥

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

thanks meichi~~

Szu Yin said...

Hi dear, mind letting me know where did you do your bracing? Which orto did you go in malacca?

Btw, I need some of your suggestion of whether should I go for bracing.
Im form 4 this year, might only be getting the bracing during upper 6.

Kay, the problem here is, for my situation, it's not just bracing only,
I have to undergo 2 surgeries (1 major surgery for the chin, another minor 1 for extracting a buried tooth)
so it's actually:
Bracing+Major surgery+Minor surgery

Another factor that gives me the headache is that everything is paid for.
Means I don't have to pay a single cent because my dad's a government servant, I'm getting my braces at a government clinic.

I have my dental appointment tomorrow, and my orto told me earlier that I have to make a quick decision (I've already had 2 dental appointments previously but I still haven't decide whether to get it OR not ><)

It's hard to decide, so im hoping that you could give me some suggestions.

P/S:Sorry, I know it's alot to read ><

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

i noe u will worry about the surgery...but this is a very gud chance for u to change.
its ok for u now to do the braces because the more early u do, u can take out ur braces faster.
i did my braces during my upper 6. its adi quite late to me.
so u juz go n have ur appoinment tomorow, ask more the detail about the surgery. but the most important is need to ensure the surgery have any danger o nt.

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

i did it in a clinic in melaka raya.
its quite famous in malacca.

Cinema Online said...

can i get you number miss beautiful

lilly martin said...

A perfect dentistry is that who provided good services and facilities for its patients. And i also have chipped teeth so i want to remove it thats why i find a good dentist.


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