Friday, January 28, 2011


Are you still finding some new place to hang out or yamcha with your friends or your love one?

Here the place i wan to introduce

Levain boulangerie patisserie,  a French style bakery located in JALAN DELIMA Kuala Lumpur.
Honestly if i m not active in facebook, i will nt know this fantastic place~
At first i was so exited about the Macaron post by my friends, because i never try this before and i wish to try one for so so long time~

I went there about second time, first time i went there with my friends Chloe, second time with my love one Bryant. I just wan to say, i love this place , and i like to have my high tea, my lunch and waste my time at there. Although its quite far from my house, but I LOVE IT!
Western vintage style interior design, with those tasty and nice fragrance of bread, cake and also the cutiess macaron. Enjoy your time with the cosy and relax environment, hanging out with your friends or your "kaki" and capture the leng leng photo in such a nice environment and lighting. Wao~such a wonderful journey in a short afternoon time..

various type and flavor of Macaron and cakes

colorsss colorsss of Macaron~ For girls sure scream when saw this colorful and cutieeeeee macaron, i wan to grab all of it !!but the price....haha~but its more cheaper if u buy more ~But honestly the taste quite ok only, not really nice, but once the time u can try it ~

Various of breads was pretty awesome when you first step in the cafe. Just imagine you are in France now. Well, i just taste some of the food, not all, so i cant give an overall comment about the foods, but what i had already tried now was quite nice.

My friends Chloe, such a pretty girl~

the day without a camera man >>Bryant. tats what the consequences....blur-ing to my DSLR.

how about the food that i ordered? Erm, i think that  actually r based on what you like and what you wan to choose to eat. Maybe some of the bread r suite your appetite but some r nt. But overall the bread quite nice. How about the price? Overall all the breads are rm3.00 and above,not so cheap. But honestly u cant expected it is cheap , as u noe this type of cafe with such a luxury environment. Unfortunately, they didn't provide any service for heating the cold bread. So, u will eat your pretty cold bread in such a romantic time~ Minus markssssssss!!!

Playing with our Macaron~
My dear was wearing a sexy V neck  cloths, present from his love one>>>ME. 
HAHAHA~but so sad that he is so SLIM. 

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie basically is located in a very quiet street near the Jalan Bukit Bintang, is a old bungalows and renovated into western style of cafe~ You can having your meals in indoor or outdoor. Normally in afternoon time, there r full of the office working peoples. Some of them having their high tea time, meeting and so on. 

Finish my short "journey" in Levain~ capture a nice pic with my sign "peace"!! continue my next destination to Pavillion after that~~

So, what r u waiting for, searching the place now? how to go?

ADDRESS: No. 7 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur. 
(Beside Fukuya)

PHONE NO :03 – 2142 6611

Operate : 8am to 8pm – DAILY

Monday, January 17, 2011

Make Up Remover

Today , i am going to introduce my favorite make up remover

  1. Mandom Cleansing Express Moist
  2. Maybelline Make Up Remover eye&lips
Mandom Cleansing Moist

This is the make up remover i use for my face,i bought from guardian or watson ( i 4got bout it). The price around rm39.90. Y i like it? because its very gently, moisture and at the same time give hydration to my face, i like hygiene steps which use the cotton pad and clean my face. i highly recommend to all of u compared with one of the make up remover cleaning oil "BIOR*". i don't like cleaning oil, its feel oily when massage onto my skin. 

Just a very simple steps, u can finish remove your make up. 

show it with some of the experiment ,

1. brown color eye shadow



2. Foundation ( revlon 16 hours long lasting)



3. ZA eye brown pencil, Kate eyebrown dyeing cream, MAC eye liner



3. MAC blush 



See all the evidence, fast and simple steps you can "enjoy" your removing steps. i believe that all of the girls really feel tired to remove the make up after whole day outing rite, but must remember to clean and remove your make up before you sleep!! WARNING 
If you NOT  remove the make up, all the chemical things will block your pores, more from that, you will get virus , pimples, black hates within your pores. your face will become more disaster!!

Maybelline Make Up Remover eye&lips

Haha, i think all of you know this brand and this make up remover. i frequent used waterproof eyeliner and mascara, so i used a lot of waterproof make up remover. I like this a lot, coz its really useful!!! it can deeply clean and remove all the waterproof make up!  easy and fast!! tats what we need!!
The price usually around rm16.88, u can get it at any drugstore, but sometimes u can get more cheaper when there was a discount, maybe around rm13.88 to rm15.88...



clean eye ,without any mascara "stay" on my eyelashes!!!
the most important things is it wont irritate my eye, very very gently!!!just a few minute!!!woohoo~~~
i am a lazy bum!! but i do all my remover steps as clean as possible~~

V like make up, But v love our skin!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My transformation

Why this post i write a title as " my transformation"?

haha~i need to share with u all about my "pretty" experience with my "braces"~

I did my braces since 2-3 years ago when I am in lower 6 after consider for so long~~~~time…………

its because everyone told me that braces was very pain, u need to "cabut gigi"!!!damn to listen that~ In addition, every month you need to have your dental appointment to check your braces and tighten up your braces, its feel trouble rite?? tats y the reason i scared off~ 
But finally i make a very good decision and do my braces~ I m not regret to become a “steel teeth girl" about 3 years, even i scared to smile loudly when i am talked with my friends and show my "steel teeth" when captured the photo~ 
i transform from a puffy face to a very slim face~hahaha~ braces will change your face shape exactly!!! its gain your beauty and confident as well!!

Finally ~~finally~~and finally~~waiting ~~WAITING ~~AND waiTING ~~~

The days was coming~~the day which i need to take out my braces~~

before that~i was like so exhausted and can't wait to take out my braces...

but...when the days comin....i feel so sad and not willing to take out my braces..

Oh~~my braces, u accompany me a lot in this 3 years time!!!u r my best friends~~

terrible photo!! what they doing now?? erm, actually they did a small steel retainer inside my teeth to stabilize my teeth after took out the braces~

haha!! see!! i am so exaggeration~

well~after took out my braces~ i feel more confident when i smiled~forget of my "rabbit teeth". and thanks to my "beauty teeth". i am so appreciate that~

thanks to my lovely mummy~she sponsored   me about rm3500 to do my braces~

dont  think that its wont to do anything to take care the NEW teeth~ i have to wear retainer everyday to stabilize my teeth~

HAHA~~this is my "DENTURE" la~~This is the retainer i have to wear everyday~~its feel so uncomfortable on the first few days~ because you will feel the plastic things cover your teeth , and it is very tight!!!



For those who wear braces now, must remember to wear retainer after u take out ur braces, its very important because retainer help to stabilize your teeth! if not, your teeth will slowly deform~

For those who still consider and scared  to do braces~ Please, don't think too much !! just go and make your dental appointment!! your beauty future juz infront your steps!! 

Finally~ thanks to u all for visiting my blog~Take k ur teeth!!!dun "bogel” juz regret that u never take k ur teeth!!!

Finish my blog wif my "rabbit teeth " photo!!

hahahaha~don't shock that.......


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