Friday, November 11, 2011

Hi Tea @ G Tower Kuala Lumpur

Waiting about one month , finally i have the free time hi tea @ G Tower hotel Kuala Lumpur.

We having our hi tea @ The lounge G floor,  with a simple space design, and two giant "CHILI" decoration at the center of the lobby.

the environment is very quiet with a lil sound of music. It is quite suitable for the people who wanted for a silent environment within their hi tea session. Honestly, is not suitable for me if I'm havin my hi tea with my girl friends, because of our voice and also we will laugh like nobody business...yea.seriously I'm not a soft spoken lady. But if I were alone, and I need to enjoy my time just ALONE, this would be the nice place for me.

How about the price? Erm, seriously it is not cheap, and probably you cant finish that 3 tier of dessert byyourself, you can share it within 2 to 3 peoples. And also I am using the best deals from milkadeal.. This is a past deal , so you can't find it more. But you can enjoy more exclusive deals from Milkadeal website coming soon. So do updated everyday to their website to get the latest best and cheapest deals.

This 3 tier of pastries and sandwiches are a lot to me and my hubby. Honestly It was damn nice especially the  sandwiches and something like small burgers. The pastries, cakes and sandwiches served each day are different, depending on the chef's discretion 

It's look huge than me...

enjoy your afternoon time with some relaxing music, a comfortable sofa, nice aroma of coffee and delicious dessert. Such a wonderful and enjoyable time u have.

and last, bought myself a new range of skin care product by Kiehl's. Hope that it is good than my expectation.

The End.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winner for the Biore Makeup Remover Eye & Lips Giveaway

The following are the winner for the Biore Makeup Remover Eye & Lips contest:

1. xiaowen916
4.Love care
6. sin yi
7.yee ling
8. wei yin
9. weikey
10.TGIF malaysia saw
12. ah cake
13. atira food
14. wendy
16. carol
17.mooi yan
18. hui
19. wenli
20. yee
21. aby teo
22. vivian
23. yenyen house
25. wendy yong
27. hhui
28. siew kim
29. BS

all the winner please send me your full name and your home address to my email Al the product will deliver to you soon~~

Thanks so much~~and conglatulation all~~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(NEW) Biore Makeup Remover for EYE & LIPS ( GIVEAWAY)

Once again , thanks to Biore for giving me a chance to do a product review about their latest product which is


Biore Makeup Remover for EYE & LIP. The eye-catching pink bottle, which most ladies would like it.

Received their "love pack" gift last week, and the packaging is so cute^^

okay, back to the topic. What is the special of this product?

It is a remover product which specialized for eye and lip, and also help you to remove heavy eye make up with thick and waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, eyeshadow, glitter eyeshadow and  shimmer. It's specially formulated to effectively remove heavy, multi-layered makeup from these dedicated areas.

However it also contain the Hyaluronic Acid which give your face hydration and moisturize. It is also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested to be safe use on skin, eyes and lips.


    1. Shake well the product before you used it. 

2. Pour the product onto the cotton pad.

3. Close eyelid and leave the cotton pad for 5 seconds. Gently remove the eye make up. (Repeat this steps to remove mascara downwards and upwards from root)

  4. Use another cotton pad to clean your lip's color.

The remove steps just so simple as above, i think all the ladies would know how to remove their eye makeup. For my previous blog post, I have mentioned that I prefer to use the Makeup Remover product that specialized for Eye and Lips rather than the oil base makeup remover for whole face. This is because It would  more hygiene and effective to me. So, Its so glad to have such new product that so satisfied my need. CLAP CLAP!!




I am going to test my eyes and lips make up product with Biore Makeup Remover.

1. Heavy Rotation Eyebrown Pen (KISS ME)
2. Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Wateerproof Eyeliner (KISS ME)
3. Lip gloss ( ESTEE LAUDER)
4. Waterproof Mascara Lash Expender ( MAJOLICA MAJORCA)
5. The Magnum Volum Express Waterpoof Mascara (MAYBELLINE)
6. Black Eyeliner Pencil ( MAC)
7. Brown Color Eyeshadow ( ANNA SUI)

Pour the product onto the cotton pad and apply to the tester area

The result ( after few seconds)

AWESOME right, its definitely remove all the makeup , and the coverage areas are totally same. 

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip comes in 130ml bottles priced at RM29.90, it is available exclusively at AEON Wellness, Caring Pharmacy, Guardian, Watsons, Sasa, and JUSCO.


Come and join the samples giveaway contest

Term & Condition:
1.Leave a comment in this blog post.
2.For example: I LOVE Biore Makeup Remover for Eye &  and  Lip, because...(limit to 15 words)
3.Open to Malaysian readers with valid Malaysian address only.
4.Due date: 2 November 2011.
I will pick the 30 reader's comment , and reveal the winner in my blog post and also my facebook fanpage. 

What you waiting for?? HURRY UP, leave your comment here and win  a sample of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & and Lips.

Click the Biore Facebook page for more information and inquiries.

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GOod lUck and ThaNK yoU.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nadeje Cake House @ Malacca

OMG~..such a long time i didint write about food blog~ because recently doesn't have any special cafe/ restaurant or special food to introduce. But i do mentioned it before, i want to write about the famous layer cake from Nadeje Cafe in Malacca, and actually all the picture i already edited it, and save it in my document ABOUT HALF YEAR!!! seriously!! half year...but i always forgot to write this sorry about that,

If you are not from Malacca, or u never heard before this layer cake, or Nadeje cafe, OR  actually u heard itbefore, and you never try, or you don't know so much about the detail or any special of this cakes. This review would be a very tempting post to u.

What the special of this Nadeje cafe?

The Japan's thousand layer cake was opened in July 2005, actually around that time, they have not much people know about this cafe, and its not famous too( honestly),  because the cafe most of time are EMPTY from any customers...just so silent at the top of roof in Dataran Pahlawan where is one of the famous shopping center in Malacca...Before that, I like to visit there, because there have a nice and comfortable sofa, with no customers, quiet environment, and a very very nice cake. BUT NOW!!!! seriously its pack of A LOT OF PEOPLES!!!TOURIST!!!AND CUSTOMERS!! Even now i cant really have that opportunity to enjoy my cakes there..because its fully booked, and cake finished u can see how amazing they are..

First cake: The original Mile crepe ( MUST ORDER) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

This cake is the signature cake.. Home made custard cream with Tahitian Vanilla Beans mix with Fresh Cream. It would melt smoothly in your mouth… and you can see from the picture above..its really thousand layer..and u must eat finish the cake in between 10-15 minutes before it melted...

Second cake: Strawberry Chocolate

this is the combination of  strawberry, Chocolate crepe and White of fresh cream, not too sweet, and not too sour~ 

Third cake: Caramel cheese layer cake

The texture of the cake still the same, layering, cheesy and nice aroma~ but this flavor of mile crepe seems like too sweet to me, or maybe its because is caramel taste~

visit this website

to view their cakes.

I will recommend you to order any tea drink rather than coffee drink~ because the taste of the cake itself was already sweet and cheesy, if you match it with a coffee, the taste would like very weird..and sour.. so the TEA drink is the most recommended! 

overall of the cakes i love it so so much..but the other dishes like main course, or any appetizer food, still like okay okay only, not too special~ So when you come to Malacca, Nadeje Cafe is the MUST place to visit!!

They have two cafe in Malacca now, first one is the main cafe in Plaza Mahkota
Address / 地址 :
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM 4, Plazza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.
Phone / 电话 :
06-283 8750

Second in Dataran Pahlawan

Address / 地址 :
Lot No.UB051,052,&053,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall,
Jln Merdeka. 75000 Bandar Hilir Melaka.
Phone / 电话 :
06-284 3469

Business Hours

Pahlawan : 10.00am - 10.00pm ( Everyday Open ) 
Mahkota : 12.00pm - 10.00pm ( Monday Off 

This picture can proved that i saved this post's photo since  very very long time..coz my hair still in gold color~ haha

So , please remember to phone for reservation before you want to enjoy your time at there~ and if possible visit in weekday , because weekend definitely will full of the people... 

Ended my blog here.
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Thank you so much
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

SUPER 8 premier screening and SUPER FUN in KLCC

Wednesday was a boring day to me..woke up in the afternoon..feel lazy and lying on my bed like nobody business...

was wearing a hazel color lens ~bought from taiwan^^and match with my brownish eye make up^^ like it^^

I was so excited to watch Super 8 premier screening in KLCC,  we arrived there on 5pm , and it was raining cant take a nice picture wif KLCC view~ Now i juz realized that not much of cafe and restaurant  in KLCC, I don't want fast food..i don't want any expensive korean and japanese restaurant..I don't want food court....still have any special, but delicious food there??..our final decision were little tat time we are so hungry and need something local and spicy foods..

so messy hair^^

old old hubby



overall the food were quite nice~ we don't have the appetite to eat other country dishes , or western food. but jz want craving for local food! especially the spicy food^^haha~ I LIKE rojak the most~ but i prefer those who sell in pasar malam , and every time i bought the rojak must add more cili padi^^so SYOK!!

Okay, turn bek to my topic~ SUPER 8 movie was a funny, unstoppable imagination, action movie, and look so classic movie^^ haha~ do you all still remember a  movie trailers since this year, was showing a train crash with a car~ and there was a big explored~ and the trailers finished with the unstoppable beating of the train door~ And we are so curious what is the movie?? and what the hell is the movie talking about? YEAH!! THAT IS SUPER 8~ I juz want to say , you never know what is going on if u never watch this movie, and u must watch the movie until the end..and~~u will get the answer~

overall the movie quite nice~ and was very funny, coz the director use a group of young teenagers as the main features on this movie~  In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town was doing their movie shooting for their school project~ and accidentally saw a catastrophic train crash. But after the accident, the small town was happened a lot of incredible things~many household lost their electrical~ many dogs and peoples mysteriously disappear. 

The Kids See The Super 8 Mystery
 The kids in SUPER8 was absolutely steal the movie~ those have a great and unique character, I like the fat guy so much~ he was naturally look so funny wif his fatty face and tummy~ 
why i said this movie was look classic? "Super 8" feels like a movie that was made many years ago~ and tats true, the movie was talking about the story around 1970s ~ and all the plots, performance, their attire was shown in classic way too~

Do you feel that, until now i still don't want to talk about the story and synopsis of the movie? yeah!! I want to keep a mysterious feeling of this movie~ and I am not going to tel u all about the story~ coz u will noe after u watch it~haha^^

style of the day~ short length singlet from TOPSHOP, and high waist skirt from FOREVER 21.
SIMPLE AND CASUAL with a long length bag and flat. 

super duper happy on tat day~ i bought myself a new dressyy from ZARA^^ and I like it so much~

I didn't take the pic of the dress~ actually i plan to wear my nice dressy and capture a nice pic~, unfortunately I am sick now~ and i don't want just take it so simply~coz the dress was so nice~ So, I juz upload a photo which the taiwan's artist MAKIYO was wearing before^^ But I bought another color which something like orange red~ LIKE IT SO MUCH^^ I really like this type of dreesy^^ especially the cutting and design around the chest~

Going to Uniqlo and bought 4 different color of stocking to match wif my vans~

 gonna to end my post here^^

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday present

This post imma want to blog about my belated birthday present..

I am so hapy now, coz i m enjoy-ing my sem break, as my exam was just finished.

when  i bek home, and opened my room's door, i juz realized that had one cutie box and a small card on my table, haha^^hubby gib me big surprise with YUME necklace ^^

haha, finally i got my "name" necklace, thanks so much my hubby^^ unexpected i get this present, coz this year's birthday i didn't received any present from him. because hubby said this necklace hav 2 wait for few weeks to get it. FINISH EXAM+ SURPRISE PRESENT = VERY VERY VERY HAPPY. haha!!

And the next present Brands Innershine and Loreal renewal lash serum, from my best friends, Elyn, Su hui, and Huey min. Thanks to u this "3 idiots", haha~ coz u guys are so sweet~~You guys will feel that it still okay, coz its not a very special n expensive present, but i so so so appreciate and like it so much. seriously^^ coz they are so know me and understand me. They noe what actually I want and need! I don't care how luxury the present, but you will so happy if your friend just bought the things that u want for so long time. coz everytime i juz ignored for these two stuff, even though i want it so hard!!haha~ thanks so much my dear friends.. 

Blog ended here..
Wish all my readers

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HOMEMADE ^^ chicken bolognese pasta

haha~ it's time for my secret recipe ^^

this post i m going to share about one of my favorite dishes : Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti


  1. 1 package of spaghetti
  2. tomato 4-5 ( cut into cube)
  3. cili padi 4-7 ( depend how spicy you want)
  4. onion 3-4 ( cut into cube)
  5. 1 tin mushroom ( cut into small pieces)
  6. hotdog 2-3 (cut into small pieces)
  7. chicken ( cut into pieces)
  8.  Prego sauce 
  9. tomato sauce
This sauces serving for about 4-5 persons. Get ready all the  ingredients before you started cooking,

 First of all, melting the  butter over medium heat in a large frying pan 。Add chicken breasts and cook about3-5 minutes on each side.breaking the meat into small pieces .

After cooked the chicken, put it in a plate. 

The next step, you can use another frying pan, and cook the tomatoes, onion, hotdog , mushroom and don't forget to spice up your sauces with Cili Padi.

Add the chicken breast to the pan, reduce the heat to medium and continue to a simmer.

The next steps, pour in the Prego tomato sauce and add 2 prego jar water to the large pot.Stir in 1 tablespoon salt and the pasta and cook, stirring often, 

Meanwhile, put half of the maggie tomato sauce to the pot. Stirring the bolognese sauce . Taste the saurce first, Season with salt and pepper . After that,cooked sauces put it aside.

Take a more larger pot and add the water to cook the spaghetti, before that, put it some butter to the water.

Cooked the spaghetti about 15 minutes, and you can ready for serves!!

Finish my cooking^^


End the blog wif my funny face^^


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thanks you^^


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