Thursday, December 2, 2010

legging is not pants okay???

the only things i was relly scared of,  some of the "cutie" girl wearing the legging as their pants...

omg...please..legging is legging..its not pants...or you are really confident with your sagging ass..yeah..juz do it and go ahead!!

i feel so curious for those who like to wear legging as their pant, they wear it with a short or normal length of t-shirt or any outfit...hey, you wont feel disgusting if  peoples noticed your sagging ass, your colourful and loose underwear. Even worst for those who really super self confident, wear a super hot, colourful and tight legging, still walk it like they  r  the diva or super hot chicks on the street.. but what the hell is their ass hole is tucked with their underwear...wao...such a beauty and fashionable wearing ....this is what they called about " blind fashion", or " self confident",????

erm..but mayb for those " ham sap" ghost who like to see girls underwear or "sexy" butt...this will b the best chance...hahaha, i m not encourage people to see girls underwear..dun misunderstand...

 wao~~i c ur ass hole~~~

i noe how big is ur butt k??

sagging ass??

wao...i c ur.....

wao~~u r so confident well....

wao~~~nice butt to see tat~haha~can u feel it its so terrible and horrible it u feel proud off to show ur beautiful butt and big size of thigh?? expose your "tight chop" v black pepper rite?


1. wear a long length of top, or shirt v legging.
2. if u have a fat thigh or u r nt confident v ur leg shape,wear a darker color to cover ur weakness.
3. try to wear a skinny jeans , or jegging  if u wear a normal length of top


1. dont wear ur legging wif a normal length of top ( avoid any "butt" view)
2. avoid any colorful legging ,if u wear a more that 3 of mix and match , or colorful outfit  (as simple as possible)
3 if u dunt have the requirement to wear a legging, please not force it to wear.

some of the good example:

 Nice wear, casual but sexy~match the normal length of shirt v the jegging

long lenght of tregging with boots

even the leg is slim n thin, but its not neccesary can wear any type of legging.
try not to explore too much of legging if u wear a glossy legging

even a colorful legging also can wear it with funky and fashionable style, but the most important is ur outfit should be as simple as possible. 

finished my post here, i m not discriminate for those whose not have a good qualification to wear a legging. but u should wear the legging , not the legging wear u. dun simply and blind follow what other people wear until you explore too much of ur weaknesses,. Be confident of yourself, but not over confident.Do more reseach, and find the most suitable things to you.


TOLANIC said...

I don't like to see pork chop with legging. It will hurts my expensive eyes!!! Hahaha

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

haha~exactly rite~

Patrick said...

cannot agree with you more. wakakaka..... if you don't have a great shape better hide it lah

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

haha~still can wear it , but should choose a suitable wearing

Xin@EXTRA LARGE said...

nice post! legging is hot when u wear it the correct way

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

u r rite xin~~

vivi said...

gosh i love this post !

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

LOLX... yea legging is not pants

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

huhu~~thanks for readin my post..i hope can inspire u all~~thanksss

Ed Mohamad said...

sometimes it's look very nice, but ........ :))


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