Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza

hey guys~lets sing together with "BILLIONAIRE" from 

Travie McCoy


I wanna to eat pizza hut so fricking bad
enjoy extreme cheesy 6 pizza
I wanna be winner of pizza contest
smiling next to RM 2,000 cash prize

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see pizza hut in shining lights
A different flavor
mix of cheesy  oh
I swear the world better prepare
For extreme cheesy 6 pizza

wao wao wao~~extremely high to sing that~~
because of you>>>Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza , the latest hot pizza in pizza hut!!

Extreme Cheesy" 6" Pizza~ see all the cheesy around me~The cheesy pizza combines about  six of the world’s most beloved cheeses ,such as: , mozzarella,
cheddar, parmesan,  Monterey Jack, Romano.and provolone,

i think this is a very good news for all of the customers because one of our favorite things, which we always though that it's not enough! we want more !!more!!and more!! extra~~xtrra~~and xxtra!!! That is CHEESE!!!
Awesome!! you can get it NOW in pizza hut with the extreme cheesy 6 pizza!

so exited to enjoy our meal~~mouth open big big^^

one of my favourite side order in pizza hut was the garlic bread and mushroom soup~~i cant without garlic bread !!its so tasty~

we are having set combo for two person, one regular extreme cheesy pizza, 2 7-up revive, mushroom soup and garlic bread

The pizza priced at RM21.00 and RM28.90 ala-carte for regular and large pizzas. 

Set combos - RM29.00 for two persons 
                    -RM39.00 for four, and include servings of soup, garlic bread and 7Up Revive. 

Customers also can add on their favourite topping at RM2 for regular pizzas and RM3 for large pizzas.

FInally~~our " main actor" is ready ~~~~

we  add up the topping v beef pepperoni~I cant wait to eat the pizza hut, and i am not scared of the hot or maybe it will hurt my tongue~ The fragrance of the pizza, especially the 6 different type of cheesy all around the topping~ 

OH MY GoD!!!!! you see the cheessyyyYY~~~~~~~

DROOLING~~~~~~u can feel it the cheesy fragrance??

The cheesy look like the chewing gum~ you can pull it a long length~ 


make it cheesy full of you life~enjoy the extreme 6 cheesy pizza now in any pizza hut store near your house~
you can choose either dine in or take away~


I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!


alvinontherocks said...

OMG the pictures of the pizza looks so delish! Good depth of field focusing for some of the shots... makes it look extra interesting :)

yeah and good luck in the comp. if you are participating.

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

thanks u so much alvin~
so touching~
wan cry adi~sob sob~~


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