Thursday, December 2, 2010

legging is not pants okay???

the only things i was relly scared of,  some of the "cutie" girl wearing the legging as their pants...

omg...please..legging is legging..its not pants...or you are really confident with your sagging ass..yeah..juz do it and go ahead!!

i feel so curious for those who like to wear legging as their pant, they wear it with a short or normal length of t-shirt or any outfit...hey, you wont feel disgusting if  peoples noticed your sagging ass, your colourful and loose underwear. Even worst for those who really super self confident, wear a super hot, colourful and tight legging, still walk it like they  r  the diva or super hot chicks on the street.. but what the hell is their ass hole is tucked with their underwear...wao...such a beauty and fashionable wearing ....this is what they called about " blind fashion", or " self confident",????

erm..but mayb for those " ham sap" ghost who like to see girls underwear or "sexy" butt...this will b the best chance...hahaha, i m not encourage people to see girls underwear..dun misunderstand...

 wao~~i c ur ass hole~~~

i noe how big is ur butt k??

sagging ass??

wao...i c ur.....

wao~~u r so confident well....

wao~~~nice butt to see tat~haha~can u feel it its so terrible and horrible it u feel proud off to show ur beautiful butt and big size of thigh?? expose your "tight chop" v black pepper rite?


1. wear a long length of top, or shirt v legging.
2. if u have a fat thigh or u r nt confident v ur leg shape,wear a darker color to cover ur weakness.
3. try to wear a skinny jeans , or jegging  if u wear a normal length of top


1. dont wear ur legging wif a normal length of top ( avoid any "butt" view)
2. avoid any colorful legging ,if u wear a more that 3 of mix and match , or colorful outfit  (as simple as possible)
3 if u dunt have the requirement to wear a legging, please not force it to wear.

some of the good example:

 Nice wear, casual but sexy~match the normal length of shirt v the jegging

long lenght of tregging with boots

even the leg is slim n thin, but its not neccesary can wear any type of legging.
try not to explore too much of legging if u wear a glossy legging

even a colorful legging also can wear it with funky and fashionable style, but the most important is ur outfit should be as simple as possible. 

finished my post here, i m not discriminate for those whose not have a good qualification to wear a legging. but u should wear the legging , not the legging wear u. dun simply and blind follow what other people wear until you explore too much of ur weaknesses,. Be confident of yourself, but not over confident.Do more reseach, and find the most suitable things to you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza

hey guys~lets sing together with "BILLIONAIRE" from 

Travie McCoy


I wanna to eat pizza hut so fricking bad
enjoy extreme cheesy 6 pizza
I wanna be winner of pizza contest
smiling next to RM 2,000 cash prize

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see pizza hut in shining lights
A different flavor
mix of cheesy  oh
I swear the world better prepare
For extreme cheesy 6 pizza

wao wao wao~~extremely high to sing that~~
because of you>>>Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza , the latest hot pizza in pizza hut!!

Extreme Cheesy" 6" Pizza~ see all the cheesy around me~The cheesy pizza combines about  six of the world’s most beloved cheeses ,such as: , mozzarella,
cheddar, parmesan,  Monterey Jack, Romano.and provolone,

i think this is a very good news for all of the customers because one of our favorite things, which we always though that it's not enough! we want more !!more!!and more!! extra~~xtrra~~and xxtra!!! That is CHEESE!!!
Awesome!! you can get it NOW in pizza hut with the extreme cheesy 6 pizza!

so exited to enjoy our meal~~mouth open big big^^

one of my favourite side order in pizza hut was the garlic bread and mushroom soup~~i cant without garlic bread !!its so tasty~

we are having set combo for two person, one regular extreme cheesy pizza, 2 7-up revive, mushroom soup and garlic bread

The pizza priced at RM21.00 and RM28.90 ala-carte for regular and large pizzas. 

Set combos - RM29.00 for two persons 
                    -RM39.00 for four, and include servings of soup, garlic bread and 7Up Revive. 

Customers also can add on their favourite topping at RM2 for regular pizzas and RM3 for large pizzas.

FInally~~our " main actor" is ready ~~~~

we  add up the topping v beef pepperoni~I cant wait to eat the pizza hut, and i am not scared of the hot or maybe it will hurt my tongue~ The fragrance of the pizza, especially the 6 different type of cheesy all around the topping~ 

OH MY GoD!!!!! you see the cheessyyyYY~~~~~~~

DROOLING~~~~~~u can feel it the cheesy fragrance??

The cheesy look like the chewing gum~ you can pull it a long length~ 


make it cheesy full of you life~enjoy the extreme 6 cheesy pizza now in any pizza hut store near your house~
you can choose either dine in or take away~


I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

tao道 cuisine

Erm...don't know why, recently i blog more about food than girl stuff..haha, but i still have a lot of food blog need to post out~Now turn to Tao japanese restaurant@ Sunway Giza Damansara.

TAO AUTHENTIC ASIAN CUISINE the Upscale restaurant that offer ALL- U- CAN- EAT buffet with full table service,restaurant includes specialties such as Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, and other foreign or ethnic food. Nice place for family or friends gathering, even oso you can enjoy your birthday and anniversary there.

First you step in the restaurant, you will see the unique of their design. something confuse about it, because there have the buddha statue, something like taoism style.BUT...what you see from my picture is all the sorrow design things,,,SKULL IS BLEEDING.......RIP.......

This is the special design of corridor before you enter your dining area~

Straight forward briefly talk about their menu, what the special you can enjoy at there?

  • japanese food
  • taiwanese food
  • korean food
  • thai food
  • seafood(the most)
  • dessert- ice cream ( normal ice cream **no heagan dazz ah!!!**), fruit, and cake( juz a very normal cake)


If you are first time having your meal in TAO, the waiter will briefly introduce their menu, and how you going to order and enjoy your food. 90% of  food can order from their menu, and 10% of food u can enjoy from self services such as, bbq, sushi, sashimi, dessert and so on. But, if a foreigners waiter explain to you with their broken have to pay more attention to it...

ready???haha!!start our meal now!!!

so curious face hah??

Motoyaki scallop (nice*)

BBQ( seafood not fresh lah!!aduiiiiii!!!!)

Kaki ebi age(not bad la ok??)

seafood kimchi miso spicy soup ( nice**)

tepanyaki(simon fish, chicken, beef,seafood)( erm...ntg special la)

3 cup chicken (nice***!) ( i wan a rice plezzzzz!!!!)

my lovely simon sashimi~~


what my comment about Tao restaurant?

FOOD: don't give such a big expectation about this restaurant, then you will say the food is nice (understand?)

SERVICES: overall not bad, the waiter or waitress will give you the intro about their restaurant, will ask you frequently for food ordering

ENVIRONMENT: warm and mystery..quite dislike the table for 2 person, because is so small, how you going to enjoy your buffer with a very small table??!!haiyoh!!!


Price for dinner is about RM58, service charge 10%, gov charge 5%

Any details about this restaurant, log on to their website

Remember to reserve your sit before one or two day, because its fully book every night, so don't spoil your mood because can't having your meals there just because of NO SIT!!!

You can register as their member in the website, and you can enjoy RM 5 voucher per person.

Restaurant: Tao Cuisine
Address: Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
              2nd floor, no 2, Jln Pju5/14 
              Kota Damansara 47810 PJ
Tel: 03-61482826

Friday, September 24, 2010






  • 把海绵宝宝紧压着马尾,然后紧贴这拉到头发的最尾端








Friday, September 10, 2010





日文的版本是最早期的恶作剧之吻~也可以叫做是 “一吻定情”。 最近PPS也可以看了~这部戏差不多快十四,五年了。当初我会无意间看到这部戏是在电视播映着~想起来,真的是非常遥远的时候了。
日文版本的恶作剧之吻,可说是经典中的经典了。人物诠释,角色,都非常的明显。在里面饰演的江直树名叫柏原崇,他也有个称号 “日本最后一个美少男”。哈哈,他的确真的非常的帅,可是真是生活中他的命运还真的是很不好啊,事业不是很顺利,也离了婚,还蛮可惜的。植树就是个非常冷酷无情的天才帅哥,湘琴就是个表情超级夸张,又白痴的女生。这样的搭配还真的是一个天,一个地~就算现在已经翻拍了台湾版,韩版等等,在“恶”迷的当中,都会忘不了这个经典的版本,而且柏原崇诠释的植树,就是真的植树一样。

台湾版本的“恶作剧之吻”。 这个版本的恶作剧之吻,其实一开始要呈现给大家就是和日剧的“恶”是非常大的差别。本来我是没有什么兴趣要看台湾版本的,可是因为在台湾的收视率几乎是最高的,所以就试下去看。看了第一集,其实真的是非常的不习惯,因为我对“恶”的记忆只停留在日剧的版本。可是看了几集过后,真的会被台湾的这个版本给吸引,和迷住。

拍之前,当我直到男主角就是金贤重, 其实是非常的高兴得。因为看韩版的流行花园的时候就觉得他非常的帅。女主角说真的起初我真的觉得她是个平凡的女生罢了,没有什么讨喜,而且真的不怎么样。很出乎意料的,才知道这个戏不久,九月头这部戏就播映了,真的很质疑导演有没有认真的拍。果然,真的是让人非常的失望,导演根本就拍不出恶作剧之吻,那种单纯单恋的爱。在韩版的恶剧里,你会觉得真的是太多多余的东西出来了。男主角的演技让人失望,他根本演不出江直树的味道,那种感觉。虽然不用真的很酷,很无情,等等。可是江直树的眼神,有着冷酷,却不失关心湘琴的眼神。金贤重的演技,眼神,真的有点太僵硬,太假了,这根本就不是江直树。反倒,我觉得女主角的演技还不错,有着湘琴的精神,却加上自己诠释角色的个性。非常的可惜,零零乱乱的拍摄手法,没有感觉的男女主角,没有强大对比的男女主角,根本就不是恶作剧之吻 他只是一个很帅的男主角,和一个平凡女生的恋爱故事而已


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